Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Yearly Archives: 2021

farmers market

Not all farmers like to spend a lot of time working online. But online sales and preorders are a big part of the business for some farms. That’s why Jake Grim launched Table Rock Markets, a website and company that allows farmers to take preorders for sales at farmers markets online.
ewe and lambs

Farming is often like dancing on the edge of a knife, and Rebecca Miller's winter lambing on the farm put that on full display.
decoy ducks

Vic Sutek of Columbiana County is just as passionate about duck hunting at 63 as he was at 18. Only one thing has changed — no more plastic decoys.

Kymberly Foster Seabolt shares her new year resolutions for 2022.
Waterford FFA

Catch up on local FFA news from Waterford FFA and West Holmes FFA.
Pennsylvania farmland

Judith Sutherland shares what the song "Buy Dirt," written by brothers Jacob and Jordan Davis, means to her.
Farmer milking cows

Dianne Shoemaker shares information about the 2022 Dairy Margin Coverage Program and the Supplemental Dairy Margin Coverage Program.
snowy owl

Julie Giess ponders how rare it is to see a snowy owl in the wild following a sighting along the bank of the Grand River recently.
wooly bear

Can woolly bears predict a bad winter? Do cows lie down before rain? Does a large spider web mean cold weather? Find out if the folklores are true.
Crimson clover & annual ryegrass cover crop allen dean farms

Ryegrass staggers is usually reported in Australia and New Zealand, but Ohio is near or at the top of cited cases within the United States. Find out why.