Simon’s Christmas


By Tori Miller
Vickery, Ohio
Age 8

Honorable Mention

“Mom, I’m going to bed,” said Sierra, yawning.

But before she went to bed, she looked at her calendar.

“Yay! Tomorrow is Christmas! I have to tell Simon,” she said.

Simon was standing there in his pajamas.

“Simon, it’s Christmas tomorrow,” shouted Sierra.

“What is so important about Christmas?” said Simon.

“The birth of Jesus,” replied Sierra.

“Who’s Jesus?” he said.

“You really need to go to religious education class,” said Sierra.

“What’s that?” asked Simon.

“If I tell you the story of Jesus will you understand?”


“Good. It all started many years ago.”

“Like how many years? Like two or three?”

“Be quiet. There were two people named Mary and Joseph who were married. And God told them you will have a baby and name it Jesus. So Mary and Joseph got ready for Jesus. They tried to check-in at the hotels, but they were full. Then they looked up at God.

“God told them, ‘Go into the manger. You will have the baby there.’ So they journeyed to the manger. It was full of animals there. Baby Jesus was born. Angels came and shepherds with their sheep.

Also, three wise kings visited with three gifts for baby Jesus because Jesus was going to bring joy to the world.

“So, now, you see Simon, Christmas is about God’s gift of Jesus and that’s why we celebrate with gifts on Christmas,” explained Sierra.

“Oh, now I get it,” said Simon. “Thanks, Sierra. Goodnight.”

Simon and Sierra woke up their parents and ran downstairs to open up their gifts. When they opened all their gifts, Simon looked at the back of their tree. There was one gift left.

“It’s for Simon,” said Sierra.

Simon opened the gift. It was a colorful statue of Jesus that played Joy to the World.

Next, the family got dressed and went Christmas caroling. They sang lots of songs. After that, they went to their grandparents’’ houses and visited their relatives. Then they were tired and went home.

So they got ready for bed. As Simon was crawling into bed, he glanced at the window. And guess who he saw?

“Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas, Simon. “You’ve been really good just like Jesus wants you to be.”

“Goodnight, Santa,” Simon said.

He fell happily asleep.

What a Christmas!


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