2010 Trumbull Co. Fair; Ohio Proud Fair


July 3, 2010
Total Lots: 294


Number of Market Lots: 33

Grand champion: Emily Culp
Bid:$2.40/pound Weight: 1,221 pounds
Buyer: Bud Evertt
Reserve champion: Erika Zuga
Bid: $2/pound Weight: 1,255 pounds
Buyer: Dr. James La Polla, Jr.
Junior showmanship: Charity Unruh
Intermediate showmanship: Janice Campbell
Novice showmanship: Chloe Williams
Trumbull County Born and Bred: Anthony Gardner


Number of Market Lots: 74

Grand champion: Andrew Kaiser
Bid: $3.75 /pound Weight: 254 pounds
Buyer: Jim Graham for Congress
Reserve champion: Allison Bell
Bid: $4.75/pound Weight: 258 pounds
Buyer: Bob Nemeth, Stanwade Metal Products
Grand champion carcass: Matthew Sloan
Bid: $6.50/pound Weight: 161 pounds
Buyer: Mathew Church
Reserve champion carcass:Andrew Eschman
Bid: $4.50/pound Weight: 161 pounds
Buyer: Don Barzak, Barzak Agency
Novice showmanship: Lexi Blake
Intermediate showmanship: Tyler Watts
Senior showmanship: Monica Boorn

Number of Market Lots: 26

Grand champion: Shelby List
Bid: $8/pound Weight: 132 pounds
Buyer: Joseph Perticoni
Reserve champion: Mikayla List
Bid: $7/pound Weight: 118 pounds
Buyer: Dr. James Lapolla, Jr.
Grand champion carcass: Amber Miner
Bid: $5/pound Weight: 67 pounds
Buyer: Clarence and Margie Hoye
Reserve champion carcass: Austin Miner
Bid: $5.50/pound Weight: 59 pounds
Buyer: Diana Marchese, Trumbull County Recorder

Number of Market Lots: 8
Number of Meat Goat Carcass Lots: 6
Number of Dairy Market Lots: 3

Grand champion meat goat: Luke Culp
Bid: $5/pound Weight: 67 pounds
Buyer: Ramy To Bores Farm
Reserve champion meat goat: Logan Culp
Bid: $4/pound Weight: 81 pounds
Buyer: Ramy Too Bores Farm
Grand champion meat goat carcass: Keith Barto
Bid: $7/pound Weight: 34 pounds
Buyer: Ramy Too Bores Farm
Reserve champion meat goat carcass: Lauren Almasy
Bid: $6/pound Weight: 32 pounds
Buyer: CW Brooks Trucking and Ed’s Kids Pets Supply
Grand champion dairy market goat: Meagan Jackson
Bid: $5/pound Weight: 62 pounds
Buyer: Michael Miller
Reserve ch. dairy market goat: Kolton Baer
Bid: $2/pound Weight: 82 pounds
Buyer: State Representative Randy Law

Number of Lots: 27

Grand champion: Elizabeth Williams
Bid: $2.10/pound Weight: 554 pounds
Buyer: Richard Houk, Green and Golden Farm
Reserve champion: Shannon Montgomery
Bid: $1.50/pound Weight: 490 pounds
Buyer: Bob Giancola, of B&B Jersey Farm


Number of Lots: 5

Grand champion: Monica Boorn
Bid: $1.20/pound Weight: 1,364 pounds
Buyer: Harry Wolfe
Reserve champion: Daniel Montgomery
Bid: $1.90/pound Weight: 1,206 pounds
Buyer: Susan Montgomery, Montgomery Dairy Farms
Outstanding Project: Shannon Montgomery


Number of Lots: 9

Grand champion: Janice Campbell
Bid: $3/pound Weight: 731 pounds
Buyer: Richard Houk, Trumbull County Farm Bureau
Reserve champion: Anthony Gardner
Bid: $2.40/pound Weight: 808 pounds
Buyer: Pete and Bradley Ainsley

Number of Meat Pens of Three: 1

Grand champion rabbit pen: Rachel Benton
Bid: $52/pound
Buyer: Tom Sawyer

Number of Market Lots: 21

Grand champion: Ben Mearidith

Bid: $10/pound Weight: 34 pounds
Buyer: Paul Aaron for the Trumbull Co. Farm Bureau
Reserve champion: Aaron Mearidith
Bid: $10/pound Weight: 30 pounds
Buyer: Richard Houk

Number of Lots: 23

Grand champion: Lauren Omerzo
Bid: $14/pound Weight: 36 pounds
Buyer: Joseph Perticoni
Reserve champion: Jason Lipps
Bid: $10/pound Weight: 34.5 pounds
Buyer: Bryan Carlson, owner of B.C. Automotive, Inc.


Number of Lots: 5

Grand champion: Daniel Loomis
Bid: $25/pound Weight: 6.9 pounds
Buyer: Judge Gene Lucci, 11th District Ct. of Appeals
Reserve champion: Thomas Almasy
Bid: $20/pound Weight: 6.9 pounds
Buyer: Janice Williams, owner of Girard Recycling


Number of Lots: 2

Grand champion: Thomas Almasy

Bid: $13pound Weight: 13.8 pounds
Buyer: Nick Miller, owner of MJM Excavating Service
Reserve champion: Thomas Almasy
Bid: $14/pound Weight: 11.4 pounds
Buyer: Don Barzak, owner of Barzak Agency

Auctioneers and Ringmen:

Billy Passek, Gary Shidmanele, Pete Howes, Tim Hunt, Larry Postlewaite, Duke Whiting and Mike Davis.

Junior Fair Royalty:
4-H King: Brian Benton 4-H Queen: Meagan Jackson

One of the first Ohio Proud fair livestock sales in the state.


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