2022 Stark County Fair sale

Grand Champion Wool
Isaiah Allen sold the grand champion wool to Harding Heating & Cooling for $275.

(Submitted photos and information)

Aug. 31, Sept. 1 and Sept. 3


Grand champion meat pen: Noah Mackey
Bid: $600
Buyer: Dustin Burgess Insurance Group

Reserve champion meat pen: Aidan Arbogast
Bid: $400
Buyer: Judge Rosemarie Hall

Grand champion single fryer: Lily Mackey
Bid: $300
Buyer: Cathy Cowgill Remarkable Flowers

Reserve champion single fryer: Aidan Arbogast
Bid: $250
Buyer: Will, Grace and Kate Tabellion


Grand champion market hog: Alonna Delane
Bid: $11,070
Buyers: Grinder’s – Above & Beyond, Loudon Ford and Kishman’s IGA

Reserve champion market hog: Wyatt Stubblefield
Bid: $2,770
Buyer: Dustin Burgess Insurance Group

Grand champion carcass: Caden Fletcher
Bid: $2,266
Buyer: Loudon Ford

Reserve champion carcass: Maci Stubblefield
Bid: $3,705
Buyers: D&K Supply & Equipment, Inc., Rohr Family Showstock, Staley Technologies, Izzy P at Home and Patriot Equipment Repair


Grand champion broiler meat pen: Joliene Conrad
Bid: $1,500
Buyers: George and Becky Kiko, State Representative Reggie Stoltzfus, and Matt and Amy Kiko

Reserve champion broiler meat pen: Hailey Napier
Bid: $500
Buyer: Polen Meats

Grand champion market duck: Maison Whitacre
Bid: $700
Buyer: Next Level Martial Arts – Alliance

Reserve champion market duck: Addison Gazdacko
Bid: $450
Buyer: Next Level Martial Arts – Alliance

Grand champion market turkey: Valerie Stroup
Bid: $2,200
Buyers: Hatherill Insurance Agency, Inc. and Dustin Burgess Insurance Group

Reserve champion market turkey: Joey Johnson
Bid: $2,100
Buyers: Alan Harold – Stark County Auditor, Bill Smith – Stark County Commissioner, Judge Curt Werren, Judge Dixie Park – Stark County Probate Court, Richard Regula – Stark County Commissioner, Jaime Walters – Stark County Recorder, Alex Zumbar – Stark County Treasurer, Matthew P. Kreitzer family court judge campaign, Judge Rosemarie Hall and Plain Township Trustee Scott Haws


Grand champion overall market lamb: Elliot Walters
Bid: $5,658
Buyers: A&K Livestock, Enviroscapes, Kingsway Sign Co., Navarre Animal Clinic, Olde Wood, Paris & Washingtong Ins., Hair by Bailee, Izzy P at Home, DS Family Farms Livestock, Kraus Pizza Navarre, Next Level Show Supply, Cameron Vaughan Farms, LLC and Jay’s Pizza

Reserve champion overall market lamb: Elise Rohrer
Bid: $2,740
Buyers: Olde Wood and Pugh Central Station

Champion born & raised market lamb: Fallon Palmer
Bid: $3,150
Buyers: Kiko Meats, Olde Wood, Paris & Washington Ins., Sarchione Ford of Waynesburg, Pugh Central Station, Izzy P at Home and DS Family Farms Livestock

Reserve champion market lamb: Elliot Walters
Bid: $1,390
Buyer: Old Fashion Root Beer

Grand champion wool: Isaiah Allen
Bid: $275
Buyer: Harding Heating & Cooling

Reserve champion wool: Isaiah Allen
Bid: $175
Buyer: Eli Bosler

Champion carcass: Ellis Birtch
Bid: $2,380
Buyer: Nick Skeriotis

Reserve champion carcass: Logan Burnett
Bid: $1,524
Buyers: County Line Homestead, DNKN Cattle and Richard and Rachel Burnett

Grand rate of gain lamb: Ava Ranker
Bid: $966
Buyer: Pole Barns Direct, LLC.


Champion market steer: Cheyenne Myers
Bid: $34,533
Buyers: Paris & Washington Insurance, Sarchione Ford of Waynesburg, Soehnlen Embryo Services, LLC and Izzy P at Home

Reserve champion market steer: Shayla Sancic
Bid: $55,600
Buyers: American Engineering & Metal Working, Enviroscapes, Olde Wood, Sarchione Ford of Waynesburg, Kim and Bill Trussell, Bill and Toni Alabakovski, Bair’s Lawn & Garden, Wooster Buildings, LLC and JMW Trucking

Champion born & raised steer: Cora Miller
Bid: $6,665
Buyer: Brewster Cheese

Reserve champion born & raised steer: Danny Soehnlen
Bid: $5,810
Buyer: Orr Construction, Inc.

Grand champion beef carcass: Savannah Elliot
Bid: $4,260
Buyer: Duma Meats

Reserve grand champion beef carcass: Paige Anderson
Bid: $10,500
Buyer: American Engineering & Metal Working

Champion rate of gain: Austin Raber
Bid: $17,270
Buyer: Kimble Disposal & Recycle

Reserve rate of gain: Raegan Harder
Bid: $6,498
Buyer: Nichols Field Services


Champion dairy goat production: Noah Shaffer
Bid: $800
Buyers: 2 Hot 4-U BBQ, County Line Homestead, Williams Toyota Lift

Reserve champion dairy goat production: Laney Hawk
Bid: $450
Buyer: Red Star Veterinary Clinic, LLC

Champion dairy market goat: Garret Kunz
Bid: $1,548
Buyer: Enviroscapes

Reserve champion dairy market goat: Riley Archibald
Bid: $880
Buyer: Fifth District Court of Appeals

Grand champion market goat: Cheyenne Myers
Bid: $2,350
Buyers: Erv-N-Del Farms, Navarre Animal Clinic, Paris & Washington Ins., Red Star Veterinary Clinic, LLC and Carole Hale

Reserve champion market goat: Phoenix Rohr
Bid: $1,056
Buyer: Sarchione Ford of Waynesburg

Champion born & raised market goat: Paige Anderson
Bid: $3,160
Buyers: County Line Homestead, Erv-N-Del Farms, Motts Greenhouse & Old Mill Bulk Foods, Navarre Animal Clinic, Varner Insurance Agency Group, Pugh Central Station, Izzy P at Home, DS Family Farms Livestock, Kim and Bill Trussell, HSI – Horning, Sarchione and Innerst Financial Management

Reserve champion born & raised market goat: Jacob Postlewaite
Bid: $485
Buyer: Duma Meats

Grand champion carcass goat: Ashleigh Milosevich
Bid: $720
Buyer: Kiko Auctioneers

Reserve champion carcass goat: Garret Kun
Bid: $496
Buyer: Harding Heating & Cooling


Grand champion dairy beef feeder: Justin Landes
Bid: $2,955
Buyer: Polen Meats

Reserve champion dairy beef feeder: Reid Pero
Bid: $2,556
Buyers: Farmers Exchange-Carrollton, Strasburg, Waynesburg; AgPro Ohio LLC, North Canton

Grand champion dairy market steer: Reid Pero
Bid: $6,630
Buyer: Duma Meats

Reserve champion dairy market steer: LeeAnn Walker
Bid: $4,887
Buyer: Paris & Washington Insurance

Grand champion carcass dairy steer: Wyatt Smith
Bid: $10,635
Buyer: My FitLife Personal Training, Sarchione Ford of Waynesburg, R&K Electric, LTD., Star Mills and Polen Meats

Reserve champion carcass dairy steer: Fallon Palmer
Bid: $4,158
Buyer: Paris & Washington Insurance


Grand champion: Klara Pero
Bid: $1,500
Buyer: PBS Animal Health

Reserve champion: Haley Ramsey
Bid: $800
Buyer: Pero Dairy Farms and Consumers National Bank


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