Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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Find all the results for the 2021 Stark County Fair junior livestock sale here.

The Stark County Junior Fair sale total was $566,674.68.

Addy Brenner’s work on her 4-H animals paid off at the Stark County Fair, in Canton, Ohio, last week when she rang in her most successful year in 4-H so far.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a Stark County 4-H'er learns more about farming and continues preparing for her county fair.

Addy Brenner, a Stark County 4-H'er, spends time every day feeding and training her two 4-H market steers for the 2020 fair.

Addy Brenner, a Stark County, Ohio, 4-H'er in the Tusci Barnyard Hi-Steppers club, is already preparing for the 2020 show season with her market steer.

The 2019 Stark County Fair junior livestock sale took place Aug. 28-29 and 31, totaling $779,642.17. Find all the details here.

At the 2019 Stark County Fair, 4-Hers and their families worked hard in the barns and the show rings.

Man arrested after setting 15 horses loose at Stark County Fairgrounds — one horse drown.

Stark County exhibitors among those helping the hurricane victims in Texas.