2023 Columbiana County Fair sale

2023 Grand Champion Market Steer
Hannah Kibler's grand champion market steer sold for $23/pound to MAC Trailer Mfg. Inc. (Tina Cutright photo)

Aug. 3 and 5, 2023
Sale total: $1,314,733.75
Total lots: 515


Lots: 89
Grand champion: Hannah Kibler
Bid: $23/pound
Weight: 1,373 pounds
Buyer: MAC Trailer Mfg. Inc.
Reserve champion: Kamryn Kiko
Bid: $22/pound
Weight: 1,417 pounds
Buyer: Eichler Propane
Grand champion carcass steer: Madison Aegerter
Bid: $19/pound
Weight: 1,410 pounds
Buyer: Leonard Truck & Trailer Inc.
Reserve champion carcass steer: Bryce Hoopes
Bid: $22/pound
Weight: 1,285 pounds
Buyer: MAC Trailer Mfg. Inc.

Bantam showmanship: Ella Humphrey
Junior showmanship: Lilly Raber
Intermediate showmanship: Kamryn Kiko
Senior showmanship: Kaitlyn Black
Bantam skillathon: Natalie Short
Junior skillathon: Faith Berger
Intermediate skillathon: Ellianna Powers
Senior skillathon: (TIE) Izzy Blazer & Addison Blazer
Showman of showmen: Kamryn Kiko
Outstanding project: Kamryn Kiko
Reserve outstanding project: Ellianna Powers


Lots: 142
Grand champion: Addyson Jones
Bid: $15/pound
Weight: 236 pounds
Buyer: Sarchione Ford of Waynesburg
Reserve champion: Kamryn Kiko
Bid: $16/pound
Weight: 278 pounds
Buyer: Eichler Propane
Grand champion carcass hog: Taylor Cope
Bid: $9/pound
Weight: 248 pounds
Buyer: Wilson’s Sandy Creek Farm
Reserve champion carcass jpg: Maezie French
Bid: $9/pound
Weight: 254 pounds
Buyer: Simmons Grain

Bantam showmanship: Faith Berger
Junior showmanship: Lily Sanor
Intermediate showmanship: Larissa Fano
Senior showmanship: Sarah Baer
Bantam skillathon: Tatym Sigler
Junior skillathon: Colt Johnston
Intermediate skillathon: Daniel Readshaw
Senior skillathon: Addyson Jones
Showman of showmen: Larissa Fano
Outstanding project: Addyson Jones


Lots: 48
Grand champion: Isabella Pirogowicz
Bid: $13/pound
Weight: 132 pounds
Buyer: Parker Farms
Reserve champion: Allie Boyd
Bid: $14/pound
Weight: 142 pounds
Buyer: Rogers Mill, Inc.
Grand champion carcass lamb: Eva Marshall
Bid: $12/pound
Weight: 93 pounds
Buyer: Kiko Meats
Reserve champion carcass lamb: Alex Morrow
Bid: $6/pound
Weight: 130 pounds
Buyer: Darrel Lawson Jr. The Handyman

Bantam showmanship: Elizabeth Pirogowicz
Junior showmanship: Julliana Logan
Intermediate showmanship: Allie Boyd
Senior showmanship: Sarah Baer
Bantam skillathon: Elizabeth Pirogowicz
Junior skillathon: Riley Foster
Intermediate skillathon: Allie Boyd
Senior skillathon: Sarah Baer
Showman of showman: Allie Boyd
Outstanding project: Allie Boyd


Lots: 12
Grand champion: Meyer Hahn
Bid: $9/pound
Weight: 82 pounds
Buyer: Danielle Hahn
Reserve champion: Ella Humphrey
Bid: $13/pound
Weight: 46 pounds
Buyer: The Grazin’ Barn at Tipsy Farmer Winery

Bantam showmanship: Ella Humphrey
Intermediate showmanship: Sienna Hooten
Senior showmanship: Alexis Jones
Bantam skillathon: Ella Humphrey
Junior skillathon: Lane Farmer
Intermediate skillathon: Sienna Hooten
Outstanding project: Ella Humphrey


Lots: 81
Grand champion: Brennen Wallace
Bid: $4/pound
Weight: 646 pounds
Buyer: The William’s Company
Reserve champion: Kaitlyn Bondoni
Bid: $7.50/pound
Weight: 643 pounds
Buyer: Hickey Metal Fabrication

Bantam showmanship: Austin Lindesmith
Junior showmanship: Brayson Fisher
Intermediate showmanship: Allison Bricker
Senior showmanship: Olivia Grubb
Showman of showmen: Olivia Grubb
Bantam skillathon: Karlee Essick
Junior skillathon: Allison Bricker
Intermediate skillathon: Drake Coblentz
Senior skillathon: Grace Hall
Outstanding project: Allison Bricker


Lots: 27
Grand champion fryers: Parker Linkous
Bid: $650
Buyer: Kensington Dairy Bar
Reserve champion fryer: Nathanial Hall
Bid: $700
Buyer: Justin & Amanda Medure
Grand champion pen of rabbits: Nathanial Hall
Bid: $200
Buyer: Rogers Community Auction
Reserve champion pen of rabbits: Grand Linkous
Bid: $650
Buyer: Barrick Rentals LLC


Lots: 31
Grand champion: Zane Liposky
Bid: $300
Buyers: Ellington Steak, Burger and Root Beer Stand
Reserve champion: Kate Slutz
Bid: $650
Buyers: RL Landscape Group Inc, Rohr Farms, ROW Services LLC


Lots: 54
Grand champion: Chezna Rettig
Bid: $1,200
Buyer: Wayne Brock
Reserve champion exhibitor: Lindsey Neville
Bid: $1,100
Buyer: Roger’s Mill Inc.

Bantam showmanship: Bridget Gruber
Junior showmanship: Hunter Panezott
Intermediate showmanship: Luke Gruber
Senior showmanship: Lindsey Neville
Showman of showmen: Lindsey Neville
Bantam skillathon: Bridget Gruber
Junior skillathon: Owen McCulley
Intermediate Skillathon: Trenton Wolfgang
Senior skillathon: Lindsey Neville
Outstanding project: Lindsey Neville


Grand champion exhibitor: Carli Binckley
Bid: $2,600
Buyer: Gerber & Sons
Reserve champion exhibitor: Kylie Holmes
Bid: $12,000
Buyers: DW Dickey and Son Inc, Sandy and Beaver Insurance

Senior showmanship: Carli Binckley
Showman of showmen: Carli Binckley
Junior skillathon: Kylie Holmes
Intermediate skillathon: Carli Binckley
Total pounds champion: Kylie Holmes

Auctioneers and Ringmen: Ken Baer, Wade Baer, Baer Auctioneers & Rudy Kiko,
Randall Kiko, Kiko Auctioneers

Fair Queen and King: Sara Bailey and Timothy Brandon


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