Antique tool collection focus of sale


ALLIANCE, Ohio – A 45-year collection of antique tools came up for sale Oct. 13 as Hazen Auction Service of Alliance, Ohio, auctioned off the estate of the late Ralph Platt.

More than 140 bidders kept the bidding moving, with the planes and levels creating the most interest.

A Phillips plow plane sold for $2,000. And the Stanley planes were consistently among the best sellers. A No. 1 Stanley plane sold for $1,000, while a No. 5 with blades brought $600, and a No. 74 $450. A No. 22 Stanley blade sold for $90.

A No. 44 Union plane with blades sold for $650, and a Lady Bug plane for $700.

Highest selling price for a level was $850 for a micrometer level, and an 1870-patent level brought $295.

Other tools auctioned included a Stanley chisel set for $475, a Sheffield brace for $350, a triple claw hammer for $125, a Winchester rule for $184, a slick chisel for $225, a barn beam drill for $215, and a veneer saw for $210.

An 1822 Sandusky Tool Co. receipt sold for $140.


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