Antlerless deer permit is new for 2007-2008 season


COLUMBUS – The antlerless deer permit, new for the 2007-2008 hunting season, allows hunters the opportunity to harvest up to seven deer in Ohio, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife.
The antlerless deer permit is valid statewide during archery season from Sept. 29 through Nov. 25. The permit can also be used in urban units and Division of Wildlife controlled hunts as they occur from Sept. 29 through Feb. 3.
Antlerless permits may not be used by muzzleloader hunters during the early muzzleloader gun season, Oct. 22-27. The antlerless permit is valid during the youth deer-gun season, Nov. 17-18, for youth using archery equipment only.
Reminder. Hunters are reminded that an either-sex deer permit ($24) must be purchased before purchasing (up to four) antlerless permits for $15. Hunters may purchase a total of three deer permits and four antlerless permits, to be used in accordance with zone and season regulations.
Hunters with questions about the new permitting system are encouraged to consult the 2007-2008 Ohio Hunting Regulations or contact the Division of Wildlife office in their area with questions.
Ohio’s deer hunting zones apply to all types of permits. Antlerless deer permits can be used to take one additional deer in Zone A, two additional deer in Zone B and three additional deer in Zone C, and can be used in any combination among the three zones, similar to deer permits.
Hunters that only hunt Zone A can fill up to one deer permit and one antlerless permit. Hunters in Zone B can fill up to two deer permits and two antlerless permits. Hunters in Zone C can fill up to three deer permits and three antlerless permits.
Landowners. Landowners can also take advantage of the new antlerless deer permit. Landowners are not required to purchase a permit, but must check their harvested deer.
Location of the landowner’s property will determine how many antlerless deer permits he or she can use.
Hunters are reminded that only one antlered deer may be harvested in Ohio, regardless of season, method or zone. Antlerless permits are available to both resident and nonresident hunters, youths and adults for a cost of $15 each.
For comprehensive listing of deer zones as well as hunting regulations, refer to the 2007-2008 Ohio Hunting Regulations available online at or by calling 800-WILDLIFE.


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