Ohio family faces tragedy, needs help

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DALTON, Ohio — A funding opportunity has been created to help the James and Julia Geiser family, of Dalton, as they battle a very difficult year.

In March, James was diagnosed with various forms of cancer, and after a brief, but intense battle, including several hospital stays, he died April 8. Shortly before his death, James purchased a used double-wide trailer, as they discovered the house they were currently living in had developed toxic mold.

After James’ death, Julia began the difficult adjustments of life without her husband of 36 years, along with the process of moving into her double-wide trailer.


When cleaning day arrived on May 30, several church ladies were present to assist. While Julia was coming out of her house, she lost her balance and fell down a 10-foot newly constructed stairwell, onto concrete, where she landed on her head.

Doctors did an emergency surgery to stop bleeding on her brain, and to repair her skull. She suffered traumatic brain injuries and was in the hospital for nearly two months. Doctors told the family that she was in a permanent vegetative state, and would never improve. Her seven children, four of which are married, made the decision to move her home and care for her there.

Julia is at home now and is making small improvements. She is undergoing extensive therapy and requires the constant help of hired assistants and family members.

Her insurance does not cover out-of-hospital expenses and help is appreciated.

Donations may be made at all CSB locations or mailed to Commercial & Savings Bank, 4980 Olde Pump Street, Walnut Creek, OH 44687. Make checks payable to Julia Geiser Fund Donations made at CSB locations are tax deductible.

For updates and more information, visit Gofundme.com/juliageiser or Facebook.com/juliageiser2017.


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