Farms: One size doesn’t fit all


In regards to pollution, production and other factors, does the size of a farm matter?

According to The Washington Post, both small and large farms have a place in agriculture, for different reasons.

All farms cause pollution, but a larger farm will generally create more pollution than a smaller farm. Larger farms are also more efficient and grow what the market demands, like crops that are used to make ingredients for processed foods.

Small farms do not generate revenue like large farms do; in fact, many small farms gross less than $10,000 in sales. Small farms do, however, help communities by educating the public about where food comes from.

From The Washington Post:

“Small and large both have benefits. Saying we need both isn’t some kind of namby-pamby, can’t-we-all-get-along compromise. It’s the optimal system, with each kind filling a different demand.”

Via: The Washington Post > Small vs. large: Which size farm is better for the planet?

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