FDA updating nutrition labels for the first time in 20 years

nutrition label

The Food and Drug Administration is considering updating those nutrition labels on food packaging. The last time nutrition labels were updated was the 1990s. Since then we’ve learned a lot about nutrition.

What’s changing?

According to an online summary on the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs website, the FDA is looking at: serving sizes of foods that can reasonably be consumed at one-eating occasions, dual-column labeling, updating, modifying and establishing certain RACCs. RACC stands for “reference amounts customarily consumed.

Why the change?

The FDA cites the fact that nutrition labeling hasn’t changed since it was first required in 1993. Nutritional wisdom in those days focused mainly on lower fat intake. Since then, however, research suggests some fats are actually healthy. Also, labeling servings in grams is confusing to consumers.

The new guidlines were sent to the White House, but there’s no word on whem, or the new labels will be implimented. ┬áThe full details of the guidelines are not available to be viewed by the public.


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