Mercer County (Pa.) 4-H’ers sell market livestock at Roundup

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Reported/Photos by Susan Crowell

Mercer County 4-H Roundup
Aug. 1, 2014
Sale Total: $129,393.98
Total Lots: 185
Cheese Sale Total: $22,750
Total Lots: 36


Number of Market Lots: 11
Average: $2.23/pound with champions
$2.05/pound without champions

Grand champion: Chance Rains (these links open the sale photos)
Bid: $3.30/pound Weight: 1,306 pounds
Buyer: Fairview Swiss Cheese

Reserve champion: Courtnie Roberts
Bid: $2.70/pound Weight: 1,332 pounds
Buyer: Wagler’s Camp Perry


Number of Market Lots: 107
Average: $2.82/pound with champions
Average: $2.64/pound without champions

Grand champion: Bailey Kasbee
Bid: $21/pound RECORD Weight: 262 pounds
Buyer: Miller’s Auctions, Area Shopper

Reserve champion: Leah Hostetler
Bid: $3/pound Weight: 283 pounds
Buyer: Howard and Son Meat Packing, DJ’s Smokehouse


Number of Market Lots: 29
Average: $3.83/pound with champions
Average: $3.56/pound without champions
Number of Carcass Lots: 3
Average: $8.23/lb with champions; $5, without

Grand champion: Cassidy Gadsby
Bid: $6.75/pound Weight: 120 pounds
Buyer: Mowry Auction Services

Reserve champion: Kaley Scott
Bid: $7.25/pound Weight: 135 pounds
Buyer: David Medic DVM

Grand champion carcass lamb: Lauren Steele
Bid: $8/pound Weight: 61 pounds
Buyer: Newton Financial

Reserve champion carcass lamb: Blair Ellen Steele
Bid: $10/pound Weight: 74 pounds
Buyer: Whispering Pines Veterinary Services


Number of Market Lots: 15
Average: $17.97 pound with champions
Average: $8.77/pound without champions
Number of Pens: 5
Average: $10.26/pound with champions
Average: $9.34/pound without champions

Grand champion rabbit project: Miranda Lattyak
Bid: $75/pound Weight: 7.3 pounds
Buyer: Cope Farm Equipment

Reserve champion rabbit project: Brennan McTighe
Bid: $65/pound Weight: 7.1 pounds
Buyer: Advanced Contracting


Number of Market Lots: 15
Average: $4.89/pound with champions
Average: $4.47/pound without champions

Grand champion: Josie Gadsby
Bid: $8/pound Weight: 6 pounds
Buyer: Cool Springs Corn Maze

Reserve champion: Chance Rains
Bid: $6.50/pound Weight: 90 pounds
Buyer: McCullough Fencing


Number of Market Lots: 36
Average: $631.94
Total: $22,750

High cheese yield winner: Brooke George
Milk converted to 9.6 pounds cheese
Buyer: Sandy Lake Mills

Auctioneers/ringmen: Sherman Allen, Don Braham, Beth Hillmar, Matt Lawrence, Simon Miller, Bob Minor, Charles Mowry, Duke Whiting.

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