Four-year-olds top Northwest Pa. Holstein championship show


NEW CASTLE, Pa. – The Holsteins Michael Heath tapped to be the grand champions of both the youth and open class show at the Northwest Pa. Holstein Championship Show Aug. 1 were extra special winners for their owners.

Both Tyler Moore of Mercer, who showed the youth show grand champion, and Patrick Carey of Titusville, who showed the open class winner, claimed the “best bred and owned” honor with these champions, too.

Moore took the top honor with his 4-year-old, Amoore Harry Emily. She stood second in the open class to Carey’s grand champion, 4-year-old Plum-Line Merrick Selena.

Reserve champions. Reserve champion in the open show was a 5-year-old shown by Mark Campbell and Morrell Farms, Kaboo Charles Blair. The youth show reserve champion was Triple Silo Shark Sabina, shown by Jenna Fox of Rockwood.

Mary Kimmel showed the junior champion in both the open and youth shows. Her spring yearling heifer, Hi-D-Lite Leduc, topped the first-place winter calf shown by Jason McFarland, McFarland Approval Jasmine, in the youth show, and a fall yearling, Thomcrest C Jack Sholom, shown by Hycrest Farms, Matt Lawrence and Dave Trotter, in the open show.

Class winners. Class winners include the following exhibitors:

Spring calf: 1. (open and youth) Mary Kimmel; 2 (open and youth) Ashley Ann McFarland, New Wilmington; winter calf: 1. (open and youth) Jason McFarland, New Wilmington; 2. (open) Jason Ruffaner, Worthington; 2. (youth) heather Morrell, Cochranton;

Fall calf: 1. (open and youth) Christy Hindman, Brodway; 2. (open and youth) Melinda McFarland, New Wilmington; summer yearling: 1. (open and youth) Amber Bernarding, Cochranton; 2. (open and youth) Jenna Fox;

Spring yearling: 1. (open and youth) Mary Kimmel; 2. (open and youth) Miranda Moore, Mercer; winter yearling: 1. (open and youth) Maggie Moore, Mercer; 2. (open and youth) Sarah Caldwell, Beaver Falls;

Fall yearling: 1. (open) Hycrest Farms, Matt Lawrence and Dave Trotter; 1. (youth) Abby Trotter, Enon Valley; 2. (open) Jason Morrell, Cochranton; 2. (youth) Renea Gerber, New Wilmington; junior best three females: 1. Highland Farm; 2. Lakeland Farms.

Cow classes. Dry cow, 4 and under: 1. Harold Rader Jr., Atlantic; 2. Jeff and Sue McFarland, New Wilmington; dry cow, 5 and under: 1. Jeff and Rob McKissick, New Castle; 2. Judy Black and Brian Cole;

Junior 2-year-old: 1. (open) Ruffaner/Claypoole/Bingham; 1. (youth) Eric Lawrence, New Castle; 2. (open) Patrick Carey; 2. (youth) Elizabeth Hall, Wampum; senior 2-year-old: 1. (open) Morrell/Campbell; 1. (youth) Caroline Wheeler, Espyville; 2. (open) William Smith; 2. (youth) Jason McFarland;

Junior 3-year-old: 1. (open and youth) Travis Moore, Mercer; 2. Michael and Patrick Carey (Titusville); 2. (youth) Erin Raney, Adamsville; senior 3-year-old: 1. (open and youth) Jenna Fox; 2. (open and youth) Kevin Doeberiener, Jamestown;

Four-year-old: 1. Ryan Carey; 1. (youth and second-place open) Tyler Moore; 2. (youth) Amanda Coulter, Grove Rapp, Grove City; 5-year-old: 1. Campbell/Morrell; 1. (youth) Frankie Rapp, Grove City; 2. Kevin Doeberiener, Atlantic; aged cow: 1. Jason Ruffaner; 2. Queens Manor/Rowntree Cattle Co.; 125,000-pound class: 1. Jason Morrell; 2. Paul Lawrence, New Castle;

Best three females: 1. Plum-Line Holsteins; 2. Alta-View Farm; produce of dam: 1. Eric Lawrence; ;2. Plum-Line Holsteins; dam and daughter: 1. Queens Manor/Rowntree Cattle Co.; 2. Paul Lawrence.

Premier Exhibitor was Queens Manor Holsteins, the Doeberiener family; premier breeder was Plum-Line Holsteins, the Carey family.


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