Have you any wool? Duo shear 1,094 sheep in 24 hours


DIMMITT, Texas — Two American shearers set precedent for marathon endurance sheep shearing in the United States July 11-12 at Estacado Industries in Dimmitt, Texas.

Attempting the feat of shearing for 24 hours straight was Doug Rathke, 48, of Minnesota who sheared 607 sheep and Gavin McKerrow, 60, of Wisconsin who sheared 487 sheep.

To put these benchmark numbers into perspective, Rathke sheared 25.29 sheep every hour (2:23 minutes per sheep) and McKerrow sheared 20.26 sheep per hour (2:58 minutes per sheep).

The shearers were allowed breaks, but the duration of each rest was added to the end of the time period to ensure each shearer sheared for a full 24 hours.

Why, oh, why?

The two shearers participated in this endeavor to bring attention to shearing in the United States and to build an interest in sheep shearing as a means of employment.

“It is troubling to me that I am continuously hearing about shearing records being broken in other countries, and nothing is being attempted here,” said Rathke.

“We hope to get the ball rolling with U.S. shearers to see what kinds of records they can break and get more young people interested in the profession.”

Under watchful eyes

Twenty volunteers from around the country were on hand to bring up the sheep and record times and monitor sheep and wool handling. A nurse monitored the well being of the shearers’ health while an extension agent ensured that the sheep were properly handled.

Both shearers are participants in American Sheep Industry Association’s Certified Sheep Shearer Program, which pledges their commitment to shearing in a manner that promotes wool quality and animal welfare.

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