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In my role as president and an active volunteer of The Humane Society of Columbiana County, I recently participated in the Leetonia Sportsman Club Deer Expo.

This is a combined exhibitor event and competition where scorers are available to anyone bringing a rack to score. The entrance fee, vendor fee, Chinese auction and homemade offerings from the kitchen all raise money to support the annual Kid’s Day.

This free event draws more than 500 youth to experience outdoor activities that they may otherwise never know.

My reason for participating was to target hunters for the opportunity to dispel the misconception that The Humane Society of Columbiana County (HSCC) is somehow related and/or influenced by The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

We displayed a banner that said “We are not HSUS, we are local.”

We continually must educate the public to the fact that our mission is not that of HSUS. When donations are sent to this national, financial powerhouse, the local humane society does not necessarily see one cent of that donation.

Columbiana County is extremely fortunate to have an active and dedicated no-kill/no-suffering animal welfare organization serving its citizens. Individual callers made nearly 700 calls into The Humane Society of Columbiana County about concerns of animal neglect, cruelty and other animal related issues. This means nearly 700 times a person was emotionally impacted by the conditions they witnessed.

Humane agents investigate these concerns, offering assistance, education and sometimes intervention to resolve the concern.

HSCC became the temporary shelter to an overwhelming 200 animals in 2013, most of which now live in approved safe and loving homes. Nearly 200 pets got a second chance for a quality life because of this local organization.

As 2013 draws to a close, please make it your business to understand the facts about the organizations you are supporting with your donation dollars. Independent charity evaluators, like Charity Watch and Give Well, offer in-depth charity research.

Visit the organization that you support. Onsite inspection of the facility and operations is reasonable. Observation of daily activities will give you a firsthand look at how your precious dollars are being spent.

We welcome your inquiry and visit at The Humane Society of Columbiana County, at 1825 S. Lincoln Ave., in Salem. Stop in to see and touch the faces of the pets your donation dollars save. Your heart and our temporary residents will be grateful that you did.

Jenny Pike

Salem, Ohio


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  1. The Humane Society Of The United States is and has always been one of the most respected non-profit organizations in the United States, and in much of the world.
    Their support and recognition is and has always rested solidly in the middle and upper classes, and in what the marketing biz calls the ‘educated segment’.
    99% of their supporters are neither vegan or vegetarian.
    This vast segment of the general population pays absolutely no attention to any of the anti Humane Society bs.
    In fact, they see it as fringe behavior..

    • Your twisted if you believe that HSUS is a honest and respected.
      Do the supports know that they settled a RICO lawsuit with the rest of the
      Animal Rights organizations for around 24 million dollars. How can you state that 99% of all supporters of HSUS are neither vegans or vegetarians do you have names, addresses and phone numbers I can have to call each and every one to see if you in fact correct or just another blowing vegi gas. I want my money to go to the animals that need help not into the pockets of vegans that hate animals and have never owned them , but will write manuals on how to kill them. Oh yea look at the HSUS manuals they sell, THAT IS A PROVEN FACT OPEN TO THE WORLD. So again you are twisted


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