Carroll County Extension levy will give back to community



As April 15 approaches, I, like many of us, am painfully aware of the burden taxes have put on our society.

We look at our 1040 forms and think of the possibilities we could use that money for.

We know that our tax money will disappear into the black hole of Columbus or Washington, D.C., and we wonder how much of it will return to our community or how much of it will be wasted.

When it comes to local issues, my thought process is altogether different. I look at each levy individually as they come up, and I ask the one question … Does this make Carrollton or Carroll County a better place to live and a better place to raise a family?

This does not always mean the benefits of the levy will directly affect me or my family. This is the case with the Carroll County Ohio State University Extension Levy.

I am not involved in any of the Extension programs nor do my kids participate in any of the 4-H programs, but I do see the benefits.

The more opportunities we give the children in our community to participate in educational programs and clubs, the better prepared they will be to face the world.

In a rural community such as ours we must give our children every opportunity possible to learn, grow and compete in later life. With this levy, we are not adding new opportunities we are saving the same opportunities that have been given to all of us who grew up here.

I am a strong believer in the principle that we all need to give back to our communities. Most of us do this in many different ways, whether it is through donation of our time and money to worthy causes or through a club, church or nonprofit organization.

Sometimes our local tax dollars can be just as effective in giving back.

This is why I will vote for the Carroll County OSU Extension Levy and would encourage you to do the same.

Rick Truman

Carrollton, Ohio


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