Consider the source of information


Mr. Guebert, you have been sucker punched.
The July 26 issue of Farm and Dairy contained an opinion column by Alan Guebert titled “”Dairy farmers take co-op to task.”” I’d like to take exception to Mr. Guebert’s conclusions, apparently drawn solely from none other than the National Inquirer of the dairy industry: The Milkweed.
You should look into other writings of this publication and its myopic, co-op hating editor to see where it comes from. It reveled at the federal investigation of Dairy Farmers of America and made lots of accusations that have not held up these past three years.
Is it possible that the investigation was stopped because it was turning up absolutely nothing? No, you assert, “”The DOJ investigation was shelved, say some, after the powerful milk lobby pressured the Bush DOJ to ?move on.'””
Milkweed always has its own conspiracy theories ready, should things not turn out the way it wants. And your statement, “”And should those marketers and processors – be they farmer-owned or publicly-owned corporations – have bosses more interested in making money for themselves than producers”” is a gem in that it does not recognize the basic concept of co-ops or corporations. They are in the business to make money – corporations for their stockholders and co-ops for their members.
Perhaps you’ve bought the line that all co-op execs and boards are corrupt and, somehow, are skimming money. I realize that DFA is the big guy on the block and everyone likes to take shots at us, but I expect better from a respected farm newspaper.
Cite us some other source; one that does not hate co-ops. Be unbiased, please. Dairy Farmers of America is individual dairymen and women trying to get the most from our business and we expect our co-op to work toward that goal.
The editor of that milk rag must be smirking that you cited it as your source. You can do better to get at the true story.
John Piwowar
Uniontown, Pa.
(The author is a member of Dairy Farmers of America).

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