LETTER: Hybrid cats are not dangerous animals



I would like to know since when having a hybrid cat is dangerous — cat hybrids such as Bengal and Savannah cats and so on.

They are the size of a domestic cat.

Since when is a Pixie Bob a hybrid of a bobcat? That is genetically impossible, some species of felines can not reproduce with another species.

Snakes. What is wrong with them? You milk venomous snakes for anti-venom.

The Humane Society of the United States not only wants no animals, they want to kill people, too.

They are killing the farms. They want to do away with farm animals. They want you to eat grass.

If they kill the bees, there will be no crops. With no grass it’s either chemicals or be a dirt sucker.

Yes, it’s wrong to abuse animals. Yes, truly dangerous animals should be under the control of people who know what they are doing. Yes, we are the U.S.A., and we have rights won by taking a tour of duty in the military.

We, who served, wrote a blank check to the United States of America with the amount of up to and including death.

HSUS, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals just want to make pay offs to the government office to take over for a “new world order” to start. Again, it’s all about money and power.

Fern Zaugg
Wooster, Ohio


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  1. Your so rite! The Godless communist/soscialist H$U$ wants to take over the worrld by taking away our rites to eat animals! I cant keep a bear or tiger in my backyard because of H$U$ and even if I could they wont let me hunt it or wrassle it or eat it!

    If we cant exorcise our God-given Constatutional rites to keep wild animals as pets and eat them we will starve!!!! Animal rites means no poeple left!!!1! Thats what animal rites terrerists want to do, kill off all the human beens so there are only animals left because they hate poeple!

    I mean the terrerists hate poeple not the animals. Animals only hate poeple when your eating them or when you poke them with a stick to make them turn around in there cages so you can take there pictures. Terrerists hate poeple all the time because they are Godless communists/soscialists that want to take away our Constatutional rites to bear arms so we cant fight back when Barrack Hussein Obamas new worrld order takes over our churches.

    The animal rites terrerists want to take away our food so we will be starving when the Day of Reckening comes!!! They dont want us to milk our cows or our snakes or our tigers so we will be week and helpless. I never drank snake milk or tiger milk but theres a store that sells them and if I want to try it I have a Constatutional rite to do it!!!!

    I dont know what a Pixie Bob is but if its not something hommosexual you should have a right to milk it too!!!

    Animal rites terrerists want to take away our rites to kill animals for food leather and entertanement. They even want to take away beer becose its made from animals and by God that will happen when they pry it from my cold dead hand!!!

  2. How true this letter is ODNR putting house cats on their list of dangerous animals Look on ONDR’s Website ALL hybrid felines HSUS has ONDR thinking a house cat is a KILLER CAT so lets ban it Lets face the facts ODNR is looking to grab power HSUS is giving them a hand then HSUS will stab them in the back I can’t believe ODNR is such FOOLS Search You Tube look at the videos of Amish Holmes Co. videos of Amish men putting blood crosses on thier heads before going hunting I have never seen a Amish man walking in the woods with a blood cross on his head Every person that has any thing to do with a animal needs to wake up HSUS is going to kill the OHIO FARMER OHIO ANIMAL OWNER Lets ask the Terry Wards to meet and talk face to face one of may have to drive to VA. Or they may have to drive to OH I would meet face to face not online

  3. They will stop at nothing to destroy are right to own an animal any animal includeing livestock. We must all stand together and take thier power away and take ours back.

  4. Nobody wants to kill all the bees. Nobody wants humans to eat grass. Neither idea makes any sense?!

    Is this article anti-animal-welfare? or is it anti dangerous animal regulation? Those are two completely different issues.

    IMHO, dangerous animals need to be regulated as long as there are uneducated people who think they make cool pets. There is a reason why you need a permit to keep a tiger or a chimpanzee: they don’t make nice pets. And if you don’t know what you’re doing, in an instant they can kill you, before you even saw it coming. When they get loose, they become a danger to the community. And a “vicious” animal (a wild animal acting how wild animals normally act) is going to be gunned down — often by police who don’t have animal training.

    • Your so wrong I am beekeeper I have had hive sprayed my ARs I have called and reported. It last year I have had ARs tell Me the bees are better off dead than slaves to humans how steal their food

      • How do you know they were “ARs”? Did you see them? Did they tell you? I don’t believe your claim. Some of those people are nutty, for sure, but most understand the growing cycle – bees are necessary for their precious veggies and fruits to grow. Also, I have a cousin and a few friends who are beekeepers; my cousin also is an apiary inspector. Never have any of them heard of animial rights activists attacking hives. I think you were a victim of teenage vandals, most likely.

      • Well dee I to am a inspector for two co. And have people tell the same thing also the one lady drove a white ford van she said the bees are better daed than slave to humans So Miss Dee before you call someone a lier get your story right let meet face to face then tell me I am not telling the truth

      • Sorry if I offended you. I just find your story preposterous. If it happened – and it may have – that woman is a mental case and should be incarcerated. The fact is, however, I have some beekeeper connections and no one has heard of this happening. I did an Internet search and not a single reported incident came up. Therefore, if you are indeed telling the truth, you have an isolated incident and not some animal rights activist campaign against bees. If what you say is true, then get a copy of the incident report you say you filed and post it on the Internet with a description of that woman. If this is going on in other places, it needs to be made public and other people who this has happened to will start telling their stories publically. The fact that no evidence of bee hive attacks exist either from my personal connections or Internet research leads me to think you either are making it up, or had an isolated incident of vandalism. Facts will convince me, not anonymous storytelling. … no personal offense intended.

      • Oh, please, enough of the bluster and bravado. If you only knew … you calling me an animal rights activist is hilarious. Besides the fact that I am a dedicated meat eater, my friends just yelled at me the other day because I was researching poisons I could put out to kill the neighborhood’s stray cats that are damaging my property. LOL.

        You can’t back up your claim with any facts that I can research, that’s all I am saying. If you can’t handle someone disagreeing with you, then you shouldn’t post on these forums. Your beehives may have been attacked. I don’t know. However, you claim that this is something of a new tactic or common practice of animal rights activists and there simply is no evidence of that. I’m sorry your hives were attacked, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t just one or two vandals or loony birds. I can find nothing, anywhere to back up your claim. Therefore, I believe you are jumping to conclusions because it supports your point of view.

    • By the way, Anton, with all due respect, you are not going to convince me attacking bees is something any AR group is advocating, and apparantly, I’m not going to be able to make you understand that I’m not coming at you from an AR perspective, but one of a reasonable person who just wants information that I can verify on my own to decide if it is true or not. I plan no further responses to you. Have a good evening.

  5. While I agree that those of us who served deserve respect, etc – nobody ever promised a blank check and if that was your expectation, then you should reread your history books. And the correct term is “exercise”, not ‘exorcise’ when it comes to the Constitution.
    Your letter starts out about hybrid felines and contains several errors – bobcats can and do breed with domestic cats, and those of us out in the country see the results often. What HSUS is against is breeding African wild cats with domesticated felines, just as they are against breeding wolves with dogs.
    The rest of your letter covers various topics that make no sense. HSUS is not against snakes, bees, animals or farmers. They do want to see production animals treated humanely and are against raising horses for consumption. If Ohio has suddenly started up horsemeat farms, I could see how HSUS could be a threat to farmers.
    Perhaps you are running a dogfighting ring? If so, then yes, you should fear HSUS. Are you an animal hoarder or backyard breeder? Then yes, you might be fearful of HSUS.
    In closing, please know that not all veterans are semi-literate, and that most of us don’t expect any blank checks for our service.

  6. Unfortunately you are incorrect Chris Smock. HSUS IS against animal ownership. If you look at the very legislation they support and attempt to introduce, though well written to appear as if they do care, is all about non-ownership. They have supported making Ferrets and Fish illegal in CA, they have pushed right here in Ohio and still are to profile/label certain animals as Dangerous. They refuse to identify any farm, any pet breeder, any animal owner that they consider to be “Humane”. They support Kill Shelters and blame it on the pet breeders, their own Vice-President even publicly stated they want to end Animal Agriculture. They hire known terrorist to the Animal Industry and have convicted felons represent them.
    The mainstream deception of the HSUS is far reaching. They begged for funds to support Michael Vicks dogs while demanding they be put down. They begged for funds to make a better life for an abused horse after he had died. They sweep in and take credit for other organizations efforts and leave without a dollar to help the animals. They remove animals by force and then dump them off on someone else and once again, not a penny to help. They charge true animal welfare shelters thousands of dollars, dollars they do not have, just to come in and tell them what needs fixed.
    HSUS has become one of the biggest scam artists in the history of Non-Profit organizations. The shameless acts of HSUS should turn any person’s stomach that actually does care about animals.


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