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I am writing in regards to the video that was taken at the Ohio dairy farm. The video was disturbing and wrong in so many ways. To be honest, I turned away and teared up. I still get sick at my stomach thinking about it now.

As the wife of a hard-working dairy farmer, it really touch a nerve and hit close to home. It also made me mad, as it did all fellow dairy folks. Those who are accused of this should be held accountable and justice should be served.

Please do not believe that this is the standard for dairy farms; it is not! I would like to point out it was filmed by an animal rights group and at the end it states “ditch dairy”.

Please don’t fall for their vegan agenda. I can’t help but to wonder why they kept filming and didn’t try to stop the abuse and why sit on the tape for so long.

Real farmers are not like that. Real farmers know that in order to produce, your animal must be comfortable, healthy and well tended to. Real farmers know what it’s like to spend Christmas and birthdays at the barn with your animals and they are OK with that because they are your family, too.

Real farmers know what it’s like to get up every hour in the dead of winter to check a cow that is getting ready to calve. Real farmers don’t really get a day off or a vacation. (What’s that?) Again, they are OK with that, because farming is their passion.

Real farmers often put their animals before themselves. Real farmers love what they do and they work hard to provide you with the healthiest, safest, most nutritious product they can. After all, our families consume it as well.

I am proud to be involved in Ohio agriculture and proud of the products and resources we all supply.

Never be afraid to ask a farmer about anything they do. Chances are they would love to provide you with an answer, heck, it just might even make their day.

Luv Hahn

Lordstown, Ohio


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  1. “I can’t help but to wonder why they kept filming and didn’t try to stop the abuse and why sit on the tape for so long.”

    lol… you mean like those journalists that only film wars or poor people but don’t actually do anything about it? What a stupid argument.

    And by the way, your argument is no more of an “agenda” than anyone else’s. Your agenda is to convince people that there’s actually a such thing as humane animal treatment, when by definition the word “livestock” refers to animals only as “stock.” They are used as a commodity, a product with only a monetary value. Any “care” that is provided to them is done only to increase profits. There is no more such a thing as “humane” animal agriculture than there is “humane” slavery of human beings.

  2. Hello Luv, Your letter is very fine…. and should be promoted as much as much as the ‘rightests’ push their videos and articles. We own a small farm with fruit treees and asparagus, for the last three years or so, and we are truly neophites…. struggling to find out what to do and how to do things correctly. You’re right… whenever we ask a farmer for help or his opinion, we are always treated kindly and given the answers we seek.
    Barb Jones.

  3. Thank you Mrs. Hahn. I hope that the Conklin Dairy was an isolated incident. Like you, the video and story brought tears to my eyes and made me physically ill. My hope is that Ohio legislature will take a stand on this issue and make an example of Gregg and Conklin. Any living creature, human and/or animal deserves humane treatment. The world needs more farmers and people like you and your family.

  4. I still see the torture of these cows everyday in my head, I am distraught over this. what kind of people are we when we turn our head and allow this to go on. speaks volumes for society when we see this behavior day in and day out. when will anyone stop this. I want to see this dairy farm shut down forever and never be allowed to be near animals again.. SICK SICK PEOPLE….

  5. Disclosure: I am vegan and I have been for less than a year now.

    So, let me start by saying that I greatly value input of this letter and I thank the author for it.

    My first question for the author is how big is your dairy and how many cows do you have? Second, how is the dairy operated? Are cows impreganted naturally via a bull? Or is it done artifically? For calves that are born, what happens to those that are male?

    Based on what I read, I know smaller farms do have better condition for the animals. However, most basic operation would involve artifically impreganting cows. Second all male calves will either be killed within 6 months or if they are lucky kept as a mating bull. Matting bulls are kept to the point where are manageable, after that they are killed I doubt any bovine is allow to live to point with they die of naturally causes on a farm. After all you and farmers like yourself do have to make money.

    So, the point is no matter how well animals are treated, at the end of the day they are all slaughter. Thier lives are not their own and are complete at your mercy. Your mercy is only are great as you are able to afford. Honestly, you should seek other means and go vegan.

    Thank you for your time.


  6. Please stop with the cow dung. Gary Conklin was out there kicking the downed cows with the best of them. Somehow he escapes being charged. What does that tell us about law enforcement? Owners can kick cows forever with police protection (150 on overtime over the weekend), but dimwits get jailed.

    When does the cruelty stop? Is it a problem that a vegan found that the Conklin farm was as bad as a WW2 concentration camp for animals? Perhaps it would be better if a Jesus loving, Sunday school teacher and confirmed meat eater had found out that Gary Conklin was a perverted animal abusing dimwit?

    The lot of you that justify animal cruelty and sadism by blaming it on the messenger are really sick and should get your screws adjusted!

  7. Thank you for your article. I too am a dairy farmer in the midwest. My cows are loved and well cared for. Cows are very social animals and love affection…they get it at my farm. They all have housing from the elements when they choose, they have plenty of room to run and play, the babies are put in a pen with plenty of room where the Mama cow can come check on them and visit with them once they are taken away from their Mama (which is not immediately). In response to some of the other comments: I have 11 and 14 year old cows, so that tells you that they ARE allowed to live out their natural life. Many dairy farmers use artificial insemination because it is much safer for everyone…including the cows that are mounted for breeding by a full grown agressive bull. I use both AI and natural service. I have come to the conclusion that Vegans think that dairy cattle do not belong on this earth. It sounds as though a Vegan has no use for a dairy animal or their product, so why should they even exist? God put them on this earth for a purpose. They produce a wonderful product and mine don’t appear to mind providing it. They come up from their pasture and wait for me to come to the barn every milking and are happy to see me as I am them. Many get hugs and kisses. All of them are named. I hear comments of PROFITS on the dairy farm. The last few years have been extremely tough for dairy farmers – high feed prices and low milk prices. The dairy farmers I know are still dairying because they love it and hope that there will be a better tomorrow. No dairyman is doing it today for the money, because it’s not there. Animal curelty is never acceptable and never occurs on many farms. I agree that this is not the norm … I am comfortable saying that I’ll bet 99.9% of the dairy farmers aware of what took place on Conklin Farm found it disgusting and can’t bear to watch it. I agree, a real dairy farmer lives to care for his cows, farm and family. I’m guessing that some of the comments above are made by those that don’t know a thing about farmin and have never seen cattle handled on most dairy farms.

  8. Ohio obviously needs to upgrade its cruelty laws. The psychopaths who tortured these animals so brutally can at most be found guilty of misdemeanors–a slap on the wrist. Such crimes against animals should be a FELONY. (Me, I’d opt for capital offense, frankly. And this guy wanted to be a cop!) ***

    Don’t think for a minute that this incident was an anomaly. Such abuses are rampant throughout the industry, as has been repeatedly documented throughout history, starting with Upton Sinclair’s 1906 (?) “The Jungle.” Hell, the AVMA recently decided that putting 30,000 California diseased chickens in a woodchipper was a “humane” death. ***

    As for the dairy industry, half of the calves born will be male. Many are killed within a day or two of birgh (“bob” veal); others, less fortunate, will be put into “veal crates,” fed an iron-deficient diet to make the meat abnormally pale (anemic), and sold as a pricey gourmet “milk-fed veal.” It’s a lie. And unconscionably cruel. After six weeks in their tiny crates, often chained and unable to turn around or lie down comfortably, they can barely walk–a true “crime against nature.” ***

    Interesting, too, that 90% of Asians and 70% of blacks are lacto-intolerant. Humans are the ONLY animal to drink the milk of another creature in adulthood. Milk: bad for the animals, bad for you.

    As far as animals are concerned, we are a morally-bankrupt society. We consume some 10 BILLION animals every year in this country (not counting fish), most of whom (sic) never see the light of day or set foot to earth. Nor should it be forgotten that more than 50% of the antibiotics produced in this country are fed to farm animals, often with serious health problems for the people who eat these products. Bon appetit.

    May God forgive us. I can’t.

  9. A great big thank you should go to those dairy farmers who woek tirelessly to produce nature’s most perfect food.

    By the tone of the comments submitted by some of the writers, it is obvious that they have no appreciation for the contributions made by the American farmers to produce the world’s cheapest food .

  10. john humans are not the only creatures that drink milk from another creature in adulthood.I have a 1500 pound black angus bull that still thanks he is a bottle baby and he loves goat milk. my horse likes it also and she is 3 years old. and newborn calves being lock and chaned became illegal long ago any one that done that needs to be locked and chained in a box. Many male calves will be sold at birth also for breeding or pets or to be hamburger later.Not all farmers and ranchers are crule. I have cows,goats,chickens and a horse and mine are spoiled rotten. I went and built them a 10,000 barn with heat lights for the winter.I bought 3 bottle calves, milk breed cause they were cute, got them for 17 dollars a peice, when they get big enough they will be sold again to some one who needs hamburger,and they are male calves so not all are killed at birth. Also fresh milk and eggs are better for you then all the crap the usda puts in it.They drank fresh milk and ate eggs fresh from the farm when my parents were little and people were healthier because of it.The stuff we get from the store has alot taken out and alot added and it is useless, no tast no nothen.

  11. Anyone who abuses an animal needs to have the same done to him or her then sent to prison to rott.If you see animal abuse you should report it or you are just as guilty.

  12. I can’t understand what a Vegan thinks we should do with all these farm animals?? Would it be better to send them all ‘out to pasture’ just for the fun of it.. we’ll dump their milk and just let them breed and reproduce only to have more ‘out to pasture’ animals, really I just can’t wrap my mind around this concept! I don’t care that people choose not to eat meat or consume dairy products – but to assume the whole world should, it’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Why do you think God put such animals on this Earth for us? So we could sustain ourselves.

    We too are farmers, mostly beef cows, but my husband grew up on a Dairy farm and it’s no walk in the park folks! I appreciate this letter and those who will stand up for the farmer. It seems the farmer has no voice these days.

    It saddens me to know that so many people have become disconnected from farm life – it used to be everyone had at least a relative or a close friend that farmed, but now – thats becoming less and less and most people have no appreciation for the work that the farmer does.

    How does the general public expect to get its food at the grocery store if there are no farmers, no crops, no livestock.. do they not realize the farmer has to push more and more to produce higher yields just so the rest of the world can walk into the store and buy the latest and greatest food product? Farming is a wonderful cycle, we use the resources God initially gave us and we’ve come up with ways to improve the process so those who cannot sustain themselves (garden, crops, meat, milk, eggs etc) can still obtain these basic food needs.

    Thank a farmer!

    *And no, animal cruelty is not the norm and I’d be willing to bet this guy, sick as he is, was put up to this so that PETA and the HSUS could have ammo for their arguments. He should be punished!

  13. The meat and dairy lobby does their job extremely well. “Nature’s most perfect food.” Hmmmmm, yes, for a CALF, indeed it is perfect! For a human, fresh milk as nature intended is fattening (intended to beef up a baby calf), chock full of cholesterol (not good for humans and a major contributor to heart disease. To be fair to farmers, I believe there are some very nice people out there trying to make a living farming. The problem is that farming, by its nature and purpose, is a pretty cruel business. Baby calves being separated from their mothers. Cows needing to be constantly impregnated and lactating is just not natural. Their milk, by the way, is for a baby calf — so every cup you drink is taking it away from a baby calf. What kind of person would want to do that? Steal milk from a baby animal? It’s pretty cold hearted actually. We don’t need milk. And we certainly don’t need milk laced with antibiotics, hormones and full of the toxicity and misery that most dairy cows endure. It’s like pouring a cup of poisoned pain over your morning granola. These cows are being deprived of their natural way of being. To suggest that “God put them here for us to use” is just plain arrogant. God also gave us brains and hearts to learn how to live clean lives, be decent citizens, contribute to the community and the world at large and learn how to do things differently. If all the dairy farmers out there are letting cows stay with their calves, and just asking the cow to share a cup or two of their most perfect food with them to sell, well then, that’s a different story…. in LA LA Land. We all know the truth. Sure, I believe there are farmers out there who care about animals TO A DEGREE. They believe animals are here on this earth for OUR purposes, not their own. By that definition, the human comes first and foremost and the animal is a secondary concern, AS LONG AS they are turning a profit or could potentially turn a profit. I mean, farming is a business, right? Not a charity or a hobby, right? So it stands to reason that it makes sense to take care of your animals because sick and dead animals don’t turn a profit. But the “happy cow” is a myth. Having just driven cross country and seeing the dairy farms from the highway, I was struck by how completely miserable they all looked. Let us not even get into the environmental impact of all this farming.

    For those that would suggest that an animal welfare or animal rights group somehow condoned this violence that took place on the Conklin Farm, that’s just insane and clearly you have succumbed to your own propaganda that all animal rights people are bad simply because they believe that animals deserve to exist just as a living being, not as some kind of commodity to be bought and sold, killed, separated from their families, etc.

    Becca, above, almost had a reasonable thought when she wondered if the whole world became Vegan what would become of all those cows. First off, those animals didn’t come to be naturally — they are being bred at a staggering rate. Stop breeding. The animals will slowly right themselves. Farm land can be used to grow vegetables. We can feed more people that way. We’ll use less water to grow vegetables, fruits and grains than cows for beef and dairy. It’s not an issue that will be solved overnight, but it will right itself eventually. And I’m sure some smart people will come up with a way to help right the situation that has become so painfully out of whack that it’s almost impossible to believe.

  14. Lea Law. You have seen completely miserable dairy cows from the highway? I’m not sure how to even comment. I can only guess you have collected sound bites to form your opinions. I invite you to spend a few days on a typical dairy, then form your own opinion.

  15. To all the vegangs out there who want to stop livestock from being used for food, can’t wait to see you try to turn your dog or cat into vegan’s. What do you thank thier food is made of. When baby calves are seperated from thier moms there is a thang called milk replacer and bottles that are made just for a baby calf and goats and pigs.

  16. It amazes me how ignorant of agriculture many of the comments are. Cody, Kris, Paul , John Q and Lea Law please get your information about farming from valid (real world) sources. Seeing it on PETAs web site doesn’t make it true. Go out, see and learn on your own. Have any of you ever been on a working farm ?
    Lea Law what part of the country have you been to ? I want to see these miserable farm. I’m not making a joke just curious as to where these places are. Thanks

  17. Guernie…guess we got our information about farming from The Conklin Dairy Farm “hot-to” Video.

    I AM a farm girl. I have seen what farmers do to their animals.
    There are better, humane ways to treat animals.
    Why are farmers against humane treatment?
    Why are farmers protecting Conklin?
    Why don’t you demand he be arrested?
    Because you ALL do exactly what he did.
    Ohio is nothing but a backwoods hillbilly state.
    What state would allow dog auctions and only have pathetic misdemeanor laws to protect animals?
    The cow beating state of Ohio!!!
    How proud you all must be!

  18. To the Vegans,

    In nature, animals eat other animals.

    Man is part of nature. Man eats animals, ergo its only natural.

    So your “morality” of it all is just bunk. Besides, who are you to judge meateaters and shove your morality down everyone else’s throat?

    Meat(milk). Real Food for Real Humans.

  19. Eating meat and dairy products is an unnecessary, cruel,PERVERTED habit. ANYBODY that condones what dairy farmers do for a living is as sick and twisted as these VEAL SUPPLIERS are.

  20. If a person wants to go vegan , then that is fine, but don’t try force everyone else to be like you by using carefully worded voter initiatives, and pictures of sick animals to get your way! It is bad enough that the hsus tries to make isolated incidents seem common place and wants the power to dictate to the State of Ohio how to run their animal agriculture. How an emotional group like the hsus can tell the People of Ohio how to run their State is beyond me, we have a board of people with experience and knowledge to make these laws. What does the hsus know about animal farming, basically nothing! i guess all the people and families who lose their jobs and means of support should sue the hsus, so they can pay their bills, maybe the die hard supporters of this voter initiative should think about that.i shudder to think something like this could even come about, another special interest trying to con people to get their way, i hope they answer to God on this!

  21. “Eating meat and dairy products is an unnecessary, cruel,PERVERTED habit.”

    Says you..Keep your morals off my dinner plate.

    Geez sooo judgemental some people…

  22. Wow, didn’t realize had so many responses! Thanks to all who said so many great things, you all have made so many good points. To all the vegans, your choice is fine. I however believe that you will not be happy until my cows can vote. I could spend all day trying to tell you about our animals & it still would not be enough for you. Our Girls are happy, as are we being able to tend to them. We feel truly blessed to be able to do so. As for only caring for them so we can “increase profits” have you heard about the economic side of the dairy industry? It has not been this bad since the great depression. Please…we do this because we love what we do & we love tending to our animals. We are not getting rich, we are barely hanging on. Again.. Thank you for all the great posts & support!


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