Stop working, buying and selling on the Lord’s day



The question arises as to what the ordinary citizen can do regarding the economy, etc., realizing that the majority cannot comprehend the billions involved in the so-called bailout.

I would suggest as ordinary citizens we could affect a tremendous difference if we would just stop working, buying and selling on the Lord’s day.

One group of citizens who I feel are the hardest working and least appreciated are our farmers. The probable response concerning the Lord’s day is that the cows have to be milked and animals fed.

No quarrel about that, but there is no need for plowing, planting and harvesting on the Lord’s day.

Impossible you might say, that happens to be just right for these to take place. Not to do the plowing, planting and harvesting on that day is impossible. Let us be reminded that nothing, absolutely nothing, is impossible.

I wonder if we quit buying and selling on the Lord’s day, would that realign the gas and oil business prices if they have to close the 24/7/365-day and have some reasonable hours six days a week.

Likewise our malls and grocery stores are open 12-24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

I know bailout or no bailout won’t do the job unless we change our thinking and doing.

The other thing I realize is that I am not the smartest guy in the land, but I do know that the things happening in our society are enough to make an old hen step on her little chickens.

Thank you for your consideration, whether you agree or disagree.

Don W. Andrews

Sebring, Ohio


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