We need to stop HSUS



As an exotic animal owner/breeder, I take great pride in being able to own, raise and sell animals to other responsible animal owners. All my animals meet and/or exceed state and federal guidelines in housing and care.

On June 30, Gov. Ted Strickland, the Ohio Farm Bureau and the HSUS held a meeting, with little warning, to announce an agreement between Ohio and the HSUS regarding the care and treatment of livestock, exotic animals and companion pets, in lieu of the HSUS submitting 500,000+ signatures to allow the voters to decide this issue.

The Ohio Revised Code (ORC) defines the scope of the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board we voted in last November, which was to stop this kind of action, to set care standards for livestock.

Livestock, per Ohio Revised Code, is defined as poultry, beef, swine, goat, sheep, alpacas and llamas. It does not include companion animals or exotic animals.

Jack Fisher of the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation claims this to be victory for Ohio ag, when actually Mr. Fisher and our governor used the pet industry to soften the blow on Ohio ag.

We have stood by the side of our brother and sister farmers, knowing how close a tie our industry is to theirs, only to become pawns.

If you look at the OFBF’s website, many farmers are extremely unhappy with the entire result of this agreement. Seems the farmers understand much better than the Farm Bureau does the link between us.

I encourage everyone reading to let the governor and the OLCSB know that this agreement is unacceptable to the animal owners/farmers.

Wayne Pacelle of HSUS himself has stated, “We have no problems with the extinction of domestic animals.” (Animal People News May 1, 1993). When fully enforced, HSUS will destroy the ag and pet industry in Ohio and only add to the already too high unemployment rate in this state and drive the cost of meat, poultry and eggs out of sight.

We need to educate the dog and cat owners that the HSUS is not in this to save their pets, they want them extinguished.

Don’t let HSUS win like they did in California; let’s stop them now before it is too late for everyone.

Leslie Campbell
Frazeysburg, Ohio


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  1. Unfortunately the HSUS platform is NO ANIMAL USE for anything. This is a social movement, a vegan animal rights social movement. The welfare of any animals is the least thing on their mind. I think we all believe in animal welfare but HSUS, PETA and Negoation is Over and other animal rights organizations goes way beyond welfare. If we go back to small farms, HSUS and their swat team will be there taking farm animals (livelihood). Our politicians just do not get it. Until they understand that HSUS cost the USA billions and billions of dollars ever year to forward a social movement, in all animal industries. Think about it. No more animals to be used or eaten or used for enjoyment by humans. That is the goal. We will all eventually suffer for this social movement not unlike Hitler and his animal rights laws back in 1933, when he prohibited slaughter of animals targeting a race of people. We know that did not go well at all. Animal rights has turned farmers, breeders, multiple dog owners, people who show their dogs dogs, hunters, fisherman into dirty words. They have spent 30 years educating your children in grade schools, lecturing at law schools and vetinary schools on the animal owners who abuse their pets, cows, chickens and everything in between. Circus, rodeo, show homes because of the animal rights agenda is on its way to non existence. HSUS has caused the death of many dogs of some breeds of dogs and many deaths of all dogs. They are not about animal welfare. It is really not about going to small farms, it is no farms. Can you think of any reason HSUS would stop horse slaughter, then interfere with the transportation of horses, or work to show that debarking and tail docking in dogs is cruel and then make debarking illegal. What happened to those horses who could not be euthanized and what happened to all those barking dogs that people do not have a right to hushbark and live in peace with neighbors, most are dead if they were confiscated for barking. The horses, most starved to death, either way animals are the loosers in the end. Something other than animal welfare!

  2. They kinda make a person scared to get medical help for thier animal affraid that some one will be hidding in the background waiting to charge you with animal cruelty because your cow or ect. got sick. It is getting out of hand, if a person wants to eat vegies only thats fine but they shouldn’t go around saying eating meat is wrong and it is cruel to slaughter animals for food.Part of that cow that is slaughtered goes to make dog food,cat food, belts purses,ect.They have a use when they are alive and when they are dead. Pigs are killed for meat also and part of them are used to keep people alive my brother had a pigs valvue put in his heart so he would not die, I love my animals they are my best friends my cows included but when the time comes that they are so old they cant get around and are suffering because of it I will put them down and they will go for meat I’am sure.Debarking a dog I dont agree with but if is keeps them from being lockd in a cage at the pound I can live with it. Slaughtering animals for food and other has been the way of life since adam and eve now they want to change it, do they really care about animals or are they just bored and need something to gripe about?

  3. Wow, If you never heard of PETA, HSUS, or Mercy for Animals before and just now looked at their agenda, you might get the impression that they are actually a HUMAN Hate group, out to depopulate the earth by restricting the diet of humans to the unhealthy processed foods, cancer and hormone changing soy products and GMO grain products which will have to be fertilized using chemicals instead of composted manure and also will cause health problems including more heart disease, more diabetes, and more cholesterol problems. If you do not believe me about the health problems caused from a lack of animal fat and meat in the diet and including more carbs, sugars and grains just look up http://www.westonaprice.org

  4. They ARE a human hate group. Reduction of the human population is important to them. The PETA founder had herself sterilized in her 20s. They don’t care about animals, if they did they wouldn’t attack proven methods of containment that keep them safe. PETA euthanizes over 97% of the animals it takes in. Animal rights groups want to dismantle 100 years of progress in American Agriculture. They wish to make food more expensive. If groups keep throwing other groups into the gaping maw of the HSUS to catch some breathing room, soon no one else will be available to throw. Then the animal rights groups will be free to dismantle those remaining. Divide and conquer. They destroy in increments – chipping away at our rights. We must stand together. I don’t have or want reptiles/exotic animals. I’m not a pig farmer or a dairy farmer, or a chicken farmer, but I fight diligently against those seeking to dismantle our rights of animal ownership in any form. I fight against those that want to damage our food supply to make eating more expensive. Read their words yourself http://www.mydogmychoice.com/animalrights.html They use Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals to progress their anti-human Vegan agenda. They divide and conquer. They tell a really big lie and don’t waver till others come to believe it. They never tell any truth that doesn’t promote their agenda. Unfortunately, Ohio played into their agenda. There can be NO compromise. There can be NO negotiations. Logic won’t win, compromise won’t win, negotiations won’t win. WE MUST WIN!

  5. As a pet owner and a producer of livestock (rabbits and chickens)for my familie own consumption, I fear the agreement that has been made in a back room between these three parties. Everyone in Ohio who owns an animal or enjoys meat, eggs, milk or any product produced by an animal should fear the welcome they have given to the HSUS. They have their foot in the door now it is going to be hard to stop them. No person lving in this country should have to live with the fear that some day some ARA is going to decide how they keep their animal is curel and have those animals taken from them. I feel ashamed of both Gov.Strickland and the Farm Bureau for selling out the people of Ohio.

  6. Allowing the HSUS to have access to any form of animal care regulations in Ohio is a slippery slope indeed. It amounts to allowing the camels nose under the tent and is invariably followed by the camel taking over every aspect of animal care and imposing regulations that make any type of animal “business” unprofitable. There is only one way to deter the invasion of this radical association and that is to regulate ourselves. In any animal industry there are those who refuse to follow common sense practices that are considered humane by the majority. These persons should be sought out, and then severly punished. Unfortunately in the state of Ohio, the punishment for most animal cruelty amounts to a slap on the wrist and a firm naughty naughty. If we put a lot of bite in our reprimand of animal abusers, then follow this with proactive programs presented to school children, civic groups, and basically anyone who will listen, we then show our desire to eliminate abuse within our state. In other words, if we police ourselves, there will be no need or opportunity for outsiders to police us. Unfortunately, the lawmakers in Ohio are not interested to proactive plans since my numerous letters adressing this issue and outlining detailed plans are merely passed along and forgotten.


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