What we need is tax reform



Taxation without representation, property tax to pay for public education, double and triple taxation standards, tax on social security and unemployment benefits, excessive and outrageous estate tax and sky-high sales are all examples of inequitable and unfair taxation standards in our country.

We do not need tax breaks, tax cuts or tax loopholes; we need tax reform.

If a flat rate tax would have been created by Congress two or three decades ago, we wouldn’t have the nightmare or the complex tax code that we are forced to live with today.

First and foremost on the tax reform list that should be addressed is the injustice of double and triple taxation on dividends, interest and estates. Nothing in the tax code could be more unfair than the same money being taxed more than once.

It seems that all of the wrong people are benefiting from the complex, out-of-control tax code. It certainly does not benefit working people, poor and middle class people or retirees.

The time is now for legitimate tax reform!

Chet Hejduk

Waterford, Ohio

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