Mercer County 4-H Roundup Livestock Sale


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Aug. 7, 2009

Sale Total: $102,616.77


Number of Market Lots: 21

Average: $461.90 with champion; $460 without

Highest cheese yield and production: Samantha George

Bid: $500/basket

Weight: 9.7 pounds

Buyer: Huzzy Refrigeration


Number of Market Lots: 13

Average: $1,626.74 with champions; $1,275.94 without

Grand champion: Marshall McKean

Bid: $2.75/pound

Weight: 1,295 pounds

Buyer: Fairview Swiss Cheese

Reserve champion: Lena Aiken

Bid: $2.65/pound

Weight: 1,340 pounds

Buyer: Hoss’s of Grove City, Pa.


Beginner champion showmanship: Courtnie Roberts

Junior champion showmanship: Rachel McKean

intermediate champion showmanship: Kara Kingsley

Senior champion showmanship: Kyle Preston


Number of Market Lots: 78

Average: $646.52 with champions; $628.81 without

Grand champion: Emily Smith

Bid: $5/pound

Weight: 257 pounds

Buyer: Pymatuning Deer Park

Reserve champion: Kara Mostoller

Bid: $5.25/pound

Weight: 258 pounds

Buyers: Giant Eagle and Sparkle Market


Champion beginner, division I: Grace Deschand

Champion beginner, division II: Adam Deschand

Champion junior, division I: Courtnie Roberts

Champion junior, division II: Kira Hebert

Champion intermediate, division I: Grant Smith

Champion intermediate, division II: Marisa Melvin

Champion intermediate, division III: Bradley Ferguson

Champion intermediate, division IV: Emily Smith

Champion senior, division I: Steven Pfaff

Champion senior, division II: Jordan Powell

Champion senior, division III: Kyle Preston


Number of Market Lots: 40

Average: $354.77 with champions; $337.60 without

Grand champion market lamb: Kara Kingsley

Bid: $6/pound

Weight: 127 pounds

Buyer: Cool Spring Corn Maze

Reserve champion market lamb: Tammy Reed

Bid: $5/pound

Weight: 120 pounds

Buyer: Hermitage Tractor Supply


Champion beginner division I: Cassidy Gadsby

Champion beginner division II: Sara Downs

Champion junior division I: Kaley Scott

Champion intermediate division I: Cody Downs

Champion intermediate division II: Kacy Scott

Champion intermediate division III: Rachel Carkin

Champion senior division I: Cody McKean

Photos from the 2009 Mercer County 4-H Roundup Sale of Champions

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Number of Market Lots: 9

Average: $401.23 with champions; $175.21 without

Grand champion goat: Hannah Jacob

Bid: $22.50/pound

Weight: 72 pounds

Buyer: McEwen Kid Farm

Reserve champion goat: Chance Krumsiek

Bid: $9/pound

Weight: 85 pounds

Buyer: Ed Bardella, Vote for District Judge


Champion beginner showman: Chance Krumsiek

Champion junior showman: Hannah Jacob

Champion intermediate showman: Kacy Scott

Champion senior showman: Dakota Griffin


Champion beginner showman: Michael Jacob

Champion intermediate showman: Tim Edney

Champion senior showman: Danielle Gelston


Number of Market Lots: 9

Number of Pens of Three: 3

Average on lots: $87.69 with champions; $40.30 without

Average on pens: $249.68 with champions

Grand champion market rabbit: Alexander Mauldin

Bid: $55/pound

Weight: 3.117

Buyer: Wagler’s Camp Perry

Reserve champion market rabbit: Andrew Clayton

Bid: $85/pound

Weight: 3

Buyer: Dr. Stuart Anderson

Grand champion pen of rabbits: Jedediah Seltzer

Bid: $25/pound

Weight: 11.9

Buyer: Pizza Joe’s of Grove City, Mercer and Greenville

Reserve champion pen of rabbits: Dylan Moore

Bid: $22.50/pound

Weight: 15.23

Buyer: Pizza Joe’s of Grove City, Mercer and Greenville,


Junior champion showman: Lauren Best

intermediate champion showman: Miranda Lattyak

Senior champion showman: Jedediah Seltzer


Poultry junior showman: Natasha Stallsmith

Poultry intermediate showman: Lynora Stallsmith

Auctioneers and Ringmen

Sherman Allen, Don and Lloyd Braham, Beth Hillmar,

Gary Huff, Matt Lawrence, Simon Miller, Charles Mowry and Duke Whiting


Danny May, Kevin Pfautz, Pam Nock and Dan Smeal

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