Ohio tractor holds work-hour record


LONDON, Ohio – In 30-plus years, the Conklin Classic has seen its share of hay fields, feed bunks and manure piles.
It’s been through six sets of tires and more than 30 oil changes.
Yet Buddy Myers’ tractor is still going strong. So strong, in fact, the machine set world records even in its old age.
His 1970 John Deere 4020 has more than 24,814 hours recorded, more than any other known, Myers said.
The man displayed his pride and joy at last week’s Farm Science Review.
A long life. Myers bought the tractor brand new in 1970 for his 400-cow dairy near Zanesville.
His family used the workhorse daily all those years, either hooked to the TMR mixer, mowing or raking hay or hauling manure, he said.
The tractor also pulled thousands of silage wagons from field to farm for several years, he said.
Myers has used Conklin lubricants – hence the tractor’s name – since the mid ’70s, treating the machine to an oil change only once per year.
The Classic has had no major repairs or engine overhauls, and the injection pump has never been repaired.
A worn drawbar, steering wheel and clutch pedal have been replaced.
Looking ahead. Myers and his family are excited about their tractor, not only for the help it’s provided on their farm, but also for its longevity.
“We’re planning something really big when it rolls over to 25,000,” Myers said.
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