Program helps gear manure haulers to become environmental managers


MARYSVILLE, Ohio – Some people look at a large livestock farm’s manure storage pond and just see waste. But others – they see gold.
Especially for the contractors who pick up and haul the waste away.
“Manure applicators can do more than just haul manure,” said Jon Rausch, program specialist in animal manure management with Ohio State University Extension.
“They can expand services to their customers to increase their business and help their clients meet or exceed environmental regulations.”
Learn more. Rausch is helping coordinate a workshop, Building a Business for the Future, Feb. 8 in Marysville to promote the concept.
Today, most large animal farm operators handle their operation’s manure, Rausch said. But that’s not their primary occupation – their focus is on producing a commodity.
Manure haulers and custom applicators can specialize in manure management, developing plans for their customers on everything manure-related, from finding a land base to apply the manure to other potential areas of environmental concern around the farm.
“We’ve held manure application workshops before, but this one will have more of a business focus,” Rausch said.
“We’re looking into our crystal ball and reading what the regulations say from a producer’s perspective, and how applicators who understand those regulations can provide additional services to their customers.
“They can provide a full-service environmental package as opposed to just being pumpers and haulers.”
What’s planned. Presentations at the one-day workshop include one by David Anderson of Vincent, Urban, Walker and Associates of Green Bay, Wis., who will talk about the advantages of developing an Environmental Management Systems plan.
Manure haulers with such a plan often get discounts on their liability insurance premiums, Rausch said.
“It can sometimes amount to thousands of dollars in savings,” he said.
Anderson will help interested participants develop a draft of such a plan at the end of the workshop.
Other presentations include:


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