Reader can’t understand war mentality



I never thought that I would live long enough to see a president worse than Lyndon Johnson, but now the nightmare has come to be.

Bush makes LBJ look like a Sunday school teacher.

I guess I will never understand the mentality of Texas war mongers. The weapons of mass destruction that were supposed to be a sure thing are nowhere to be found.

The only way any weapons of mass destruction will be found is if the U.S. and Israeli war machine plants them.

The general consensus from opinion polls is that this war is all about oil. Now it’s obvious that there are many more reasons, including this country’s undying allegiance to Israel; various, decadent gutter religions; the U.S. and Israeli imperialistic attitude; the mass-murdering tyrants of the world and their insatiable desire for power and wealth; and a worldwide shortage of birth control.

I urge all my fellow Americans, who are freedom- and peace-loving and concerned about the future of generations that follow, to petition their respective political leaders to put an end to this mindless mayhem, senseless slaughter and this nasty war-for-profit.

In closing, a few tough questions: Didn’t we learn anything from the Korean and Vietnam wars?

How many lives have to be sacrificed to satisfy the thirst for blood and lust for power of the tyrants and war mongers? What will this administration do if mainland China decides to take back Taiwan?

Why can’t a person be anti-violence and anti-war and still be patriotic?

The powers-that-be in Congress impeached President Clinton for lying about sex; should they impeach Bush for lying about war?

Chet Hejduk

Waterford, Ohio

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