Readers says mental illness is not an excuse for violence



The letter to the editor, Addressing the issue of mental illness and violence, (Dec. 27, 2012 issue) by Dick Patterson, of Corry is begging for a rebuttal.

1. Patterson writes “our hearts have been saddened with the terrible tragedy in Sandy Hook.” I ask, how about the countless tragedies every day of young black males being gunned down? How many hearts are saddened by those lost lives?

When Patterson writes the “value of precious human life is ignored when someone commits a crime with a gun,” that to me should mean all lives, not just a select few.

2. Patterson seems to feel mental illness and violence go hand in hand. Baloney … there is not a person on earth who has not felt disgruntled, down, disappointed, defeated and disgusted. The majority of us keep trying and praying until we pull out of it, not go on a shooting fest, killing innocent unsuspecting people who have done nothing to you. People are using mental illness as an excuse and crutch.

3. Patterson writes, “the answer to curbing violence is not better gun control.” Oh really … the question is, why is this country so obsessed with guns? Black, white, old, young, men, women, a gun in your car, a gun at the office, a gun in your home, a gun in your purse, a gun in your coat pocket — everyone feels they should have a gun. Anyone who continues to state, “better gun control is not needed,” is kidding themselves.

4. Patterson writes, “government leaders, etc. have discussed ways to prevent such tragedies from happening in the future.”

As long as gun ownership means the world to people, and as long as our leaders remain gutless when it comes to challenging the NRA, there is really no need saying anything.

Finally, there is only one thing Patterson said that I agree with: “It is important that faith and religious values be part of the conversations.”

The laws that have been set up by man are being ignored and trampled on. It is indeed time to return to God’s law and teachings.

Janet Louise Martin

Pittsburgh, Pa.


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