Roundup of FFA news for May, 18, 2023

West Holmes FFA
The West Holmes FFA competed at the State Ag issues contest held at the Ohio FFA Center April 29. The team placed second in the state. Team members included Garrett Fowler, Garrett Houin, Sarah Irwin, Alysa Pringle, Dakotah Ringwalt, Andi Schuch and Becca Schuch. Submitted photo.

SALINEVILLE, Ohio — Twenty-one Southern Local High School FFA members attended the Ohio FFA Convention May 4 and 5 with members being recognized during the program.

Elizabeth Wilson was lauded for earning the state degree, which is the highest degree the state association can award and recognizes leadership, community service and outstanding achievements in FFA. In addition, 2022-23 officers received gold ratings on their officer’s books. Among them were secretary Jessica Lafferty, treasurer Justus Black and reporter Lindsey Bregar.

Elizabeth Wilson and Aubrey Schwartz
Elizabeth Wilson, left, is congratulated by Ohio FFA President Aubrey Schwartz for earning her state degree at the Ohio FFA Convention. (Submitted photo)

MILLERSBURG, Ohio — The West Holmes FFA participated in the spring trap shoot at the Sugar Creek Sportsman’s Club April 22. The team placed fifth with a score of 144. Individually, Logan VanSickle shot a 36. Wyatt Myers and Maison Carter both shot a 32. Keith Hawkins shot a 23, and Grady Hawkins shot a 21. There were eight teams and 40 shooters in the contest. The high-scoring team shot a 170, and the highest-scoring individual shot a 44.

The West Holmes FFA competed at the State Ag issues contest held at the Ohio FFA Center April 29. The team placed second in the state. Team members included Garrett Fowler, Garrett Houin, Sarah Irwin, Alysa Pringle, Dakotah Ringwalt, Andi Schuch and Becca Schuch. On the same day, West Holmes FFA member Wyatt Schlauch competed at state dairy cattle finals held at the Waterman Dairy Complex at The Ohio State University. Schlauch placed fourth out of 45 contestants.

Wyatt Schlauch
West Holmes FFA member Wyatt Schlauch competed at state dairy cattle finals held at the Waterman Dairy Complex at The Ohio State University. Schlauch placed fourth out of 45 contestants.

• • •

ASHLAND, Ohio — Members of the Ashland FFA attended the Ohio FFA Convention May 4 and 5; this was a new experience for 13 of the chapter’s 19 attendees. At the convention, chapter members attended general sessions as well as the Building CommYOUnity Workshop where they learned how to create change in their community by identifying a local need and developing an action plan.

Senior Riley Hiller walked across the stage to receive his State FFA Degree. Hiller is the son of Aaron and Nicholl Hiller, a member of the National Honor Society and is an employee of the Ashland County Park District. After graduating, he will attend the University of Akron to study criminal justice with the hopes of becoming a game warden in the state of Ohio.

• • •

HANOVERTON, Ohio — The United Local FFA held its annual banquet at the high school, May 7. After the opening ceremony, first and second-year members were introduced and awarded for earning their Greenhand and chapter degrees for completing the state web exam.

At the 2023 Ohio State FFA Convention, United FFA had four members who received their FFA degrees: Olivia Short, Maddox French, Alexandria Householder and the late Zebediah Snyder.

The team recognized Rowen Brinker and Cody Cope, who will receive their American FFA degrees in Indianapolis at the 2023 National FFA Convention for their outstanding work and dedication to the FFA.

The United FFA chapter then recognized members who have gone above and beyond to compete in career development events. The United FFA advisor Tyler Gentry announced the 2021-2022 economic impact that United FFA makes on the community and awarded the “star” members for each class.

They are as follows: Allison Irwin, Star Greenhand award; and Jennie Brinker, Star Chapter Farmer award

Grant Irwin inducted the 2023 honorary member, Douglas Sutton, who was the United FFA adviser for 42 years and recently retired in October. Campbell Blazer introduced the Irwin family which received the 2023 appreciation award.

Chapter president, Grant Irwin inducted the 2023-24 newly elected officer: president,  Chance Cope; vice president, Louden Stryffler; secretary, Allison Irwin; treasurer,  Sophie Johnston; reporter, Jennie Brinker; sentinel, Kaylee Bevilacqua; student adviser, Colton Sutherin; and parliamentarian, Campbell Blazer.

• • •

FAYETTEVILLE, Ohio — The Fayetteville FFA chapter hosted its annual banquet April 19 to celebrate the successes and accomplishments of its members. The chapter recognized the Cincinnati Center for Autism with an Honorary Membership Degree.

The chapter also recognized Angela Murphy and Kelly Richards for their outstanding service to the chapter and installed the new officer team.

The Fayetteville FFA officers include president, Katey Wolfer; vice president, Brooklyn Iles; secretary, Kenley Polston; treasurer, Ava Wells; sentinel, Warren Murphy; reporter, Claire Schaefer; and student adviser, Bradley Daniel.

• • •

RACINE, Ohio — The Racine Southern FFA chapter held its 92nd annual FFA Banquet April 27 at the Star Mill Park. There were approximately 82 guests and 28 members who attended the annual banquet. The FFA chapter holds this banquet to recognize its member’s accomplishments made throughout the year.

Those participating in career development events included soil judging (rural), Katie Rowe, Chloe Smith, Kylee Circle, Maddison VanTrease and Will Smith; soil judging (urban), Cassidy Bailey, Corey Seth, Nathanial Nero, Collin Wemmer and Brayden Sellers; job interview CDE, Cassidy Bailey, Katie Rowe and Hunter Jarrell; and freshmen FFA dreed, Austin Bare

Online Greenhand Exam CDE participants included Hunter Jarrell, John Scott, Will Smith, Wyatt Smith, Kaleb Lyons, Taylor Tucker, Braden Miller, Kaitlyn Rizer, Emily Arno, Jordan Alley, Zayda Shockey, Austin Bare and Sammie Michael.

Those earning discovery degrees included Xander Alkire, Madi Arno, Gracie Barton, Matt Bell, Katie Caldwell, Cooper Diddle, Jaylyn Hanna, Piper Hill, Ava Hupp, Caden Hupp, Peyton Johnson, Chloe Kaspy, Josalyn Lavender, Riley Lavender, Justin Lawson, Connor Lehew, Drew Lewis, Owen McCabe and Maverick McCartney. Gracie Barton earned the star discovery degree.

Those earning greenhand degrees included Jordan Alley, Emily Arno, Thomas Bailey, Austin Bare, Hunter Cottrill, Hunter Jarrell, Kaleb Lyons, Sammie Michael, Braden Miller, Kaitlyn Rizer, John Scott, Zayda Shockey, Will Smith, Wyatt Smith, Taylor Tucker and Skyler Allen. Hunter Jarrell earned the star greenhand degree.

Those earning chapter degrees included Corey Seth, Hannah Turley, Nathanial Nero, Colin Wemmer, Anthony Whobrey, Waylon Dillon, Caleb Jones, Michelle Adkins, Micaiah Smith and Austin Stover. Colin Wemmer earned the star chapter degree and Kristin McKay and Dylan Lyons earned the American degree.

Kristin Mckay won the 2022 Outstanding Entrepreneurship SAE with a total profit of $4,852.

Cassidy Bailey won the 2022 Outstanding Placement SAE with 403 total hours.

Ag Certification/Completers for 2022 included Kyle Bailey, BJ Parsons, Corey Lane, Dylan Lyons and Gage Stover.

Officers for 2023-2024 were elected and installed: president, Katie Rowe; vice president, Nathaniel Nero; secretary, Colin Wemmer; treasurer, Wyatt Smith; reporter, Will Smith; and sentinel, Hunter Jarrell.

Retiring officers are Kylee Circle, Chloe Smith, Brayden Essick, Cassidy Bailey and Brayden Sellers.

Meigs County Junior Fair board representatives are Nathaniel Nero and Corey Seth. Ohio River producers members are Ed Gibbs, James Languel, Jim Diddle, Joe Proffitt, Peggy Gibbs, Jenna Meeks, Melody Bailey, Shawn Donahue, Colton Hamm, Joe Roberts, Rhonda Meeks, Rhonda Rathburn, Tara Roberts, Maxine Rose, Aaron Sayre and Shirley Sayre and Austin Rose.

Outstanding Senior Award went to Cassidy Bailey and the Travis Adams Achievement Award was awarded to Braydon Essick.

• • •

COLLINS, Ohio — Western Reserve FFA students, advisers and parents attended the 95th Ohio FFA State Convention held at the Ohio Exposition Center. In total, 19 members, one advisor and three parent chaperones completed the trip and attended the sessions.

During the trip, the students participated in chapter bonding events, watched multiple motivational speakers, observed fellow members receive their awards on the state stage and learned of the new State Officers elected to serve for the next year.

The students attended the opening session and watched as Holden Nuhn received his proficiency award. Students learned about various agricultural-related businesses and shopped for FFA apparel. Students also competed in escaping The Columbus Breakout Room and watched as Katie Woodruff and Lillian White received their state degrees. These degrees are the highest degree the states can bestow upon their members.

• • •

WELLINGTON, Ohio — The Wellington FFA chapter attended the 95th Ohio State Convention, May 4-5. The members were Dustin Andolsek, Nadia Barber, Alaina Collins, Alison Gott, Scotty Hook, Marshal Mull, Heather Reininger, Jillian Standard and Amandolin Williams.

Members went on tours on the Ohio State University campus and learned about the plant and engineering fields. Three of the chapter officers, Jaclyn Krakomperger, Scotty Hook and Heather Reininger, received gold-rated officer awards for their books. The members watched a talent show and attended workshops. At the final session, Scotty Hook and Jillian Stannard received their FFA State Degrees.

• • •

WASHINGTON COURTHOUSE, Ohio — The Miami Trace FFA chapter held its annual parent-member banquet April 14. The chapter recognized members, advisors, parents and other community members who helped make the last year such a success.

Miami Trace FFA alumni presented scholarships to Jenna Goddard, Jacob Cline, Avery Cockerill, Tannon Huff, Hillary McCoy, Blake Sollars, Kayla Burke and Joey Fischesser. The Wendt Group Scholarship was awarded to Cameron Fannin. Caleb Bennett and Kyle Bennett were the recipients of the Steven Bennett Scholarship.

There were three recipients of the Mark Garland Scholarship: Cole Little, Kelsey Pettit and Dalton Mullins. Cameron Casto received the Evans Family Scholarship. The Billy Jo Cummings Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Eli Miller. The recipient of the Rick Cottrill Memorial Scholarship was Natalie Lindsey. The Larry Carmen Scholarship winners were Gracey Ferguson and Drew Pontious. The Rodney Miller Scholarship was awarded to Caleb Bennett and Bryson Sheets. The Robert Knecht Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Mallory Lovett and Mara Simson.

The highest honor an FFA Chapter can bestow on any individual is the Honorary Chapter Degree. This year, the chapter honored individuals are Christie Wilt and Timothy Wahl.

Multiple officers and members presented leadership awards, outstanding member awards, and scholarship awards. This year, there were 12 State FFA Degree recipients: Robbie Bennett, Ethan Bower, Mackenzie Cory, Jonah Goddard, Aiden Knecht, Libby Johnson, Hillary McCoy, Dalton Mullins, Emma See, Jessee Stewart, Allie Stoughton and Gracie Zimmerman. These members received their degrees at the State FFA Convention.

Every year freshman members are bestowed with the title of Star Greenhand. This year’s Star Greenhand was Gus Wilt.

Also, senior member Caleb Bennett was awarded the title of Star Farmer.

The chapter also rewards a Star Chapter Agribusiness Award to outstanding seniors. Natalie Lindsey and Kelsey Pettit were honored with this title.

The banquet would not be complete without the announcement of the newly elected 2022-2023 FFA officers. The new officer team consists of president, Hannah Cummings; vice president of leadership, Libby Johnson; vice president of community, Cotey Payton; vice president of agriculture, Allie Stoughton; secretary, Eric Taylor; reporters, Megan Brandt and Jake Manbevers; treasurers, Carley Payton and River Havens; student advisor, Mallory Johnson; sentinel, Emily Reeves; AET manager, Caitlin Cottrill; publicity manager, Karley Hicks; and farm manager, Gus Wilt.

• • •

WEST SALEM, Ohio — The Northwestern Wayne FFA traveled to the Ohio State Fairgrounds April 17 for the state floriculture career development event. Four members participated at the state-level competition and learned how to make corsages, bud vases and boutonnieres. The members who participated in this event were Mary Wellert, Kayla Cutter, Mallory Gilbert, and Kate Johnson. The floriculture team placed 10th overall.

• • •

CRESTON, Ohio — Norwayne FFA attended the 95th Ohio State FFA Convention from May 3 to 5. The group had multiple people recognized for a variety of awards and accomplishments. Students attended the first general session May 4, and they were recognized with Ohio FFA’s Charitable Giving Award, a type of recognition for FFA chapters that donate more than $250 toward the community.

The rest of the day was spent attending the Ohio FFA Career Show and Expo and the third general session, during which sophomore member Olivia Stoudmire was recognized as a proficiency finalist in goat production, placing fourth.

On the final day of the convention, members were recognized for their agriscience fair projects and gold-rated officer books:

• Cade Everhart and Zavier Wenninger placed fourth in Power, Structural and Technical Systems Division 4;

• Karis Marty and Delaney Dudte placed third in Plant Science Division 4;

• Jaden Riggenbach placed third in Plant Science Divison 3;

• Blake Simmons and Jadyn Winkler placed third in Food Products and Processing Division 4;

• Madicyn Rupp and Brianna Jentes placed second in Animal Science Division 4;

• Morgan Wiles and Kya Csapo placed first in Food Products and Processing Division 4. These two members will have the opportunity to advance their project to the national level.

Morgan Wiles, Zavier Wenninger and Halea Taylor were recognized for their gold-rated officer books as well during the fourth general session. Finally, the group attended the fifth and final general session during which five members received their Ohio FFA State Degree. Members earning degrees were Briar Muller, Kaitlyn Stoller, Brandon Sachara, Lauren Stoller and Shane Simmons.


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