Tecumseh! drama celebrates Ohio’s bicentennial


CHILLICOTHE, Ohio – The outdoor drama Tecumseh! will be a centerpiece for Chillicothe’s bicentennial celebration.

Allan W. Eckert has garnered numerous awards as playwright for Tecumseh!, arguably the finest outdoor historical drama script in the nation.

Inspired by real events. The show is based on The Frontiersman, Eckert’s 1966 novel focusing on the life of wilderness hero Simon Kenton and the equally enthralling story of the legendary Shawnee leader who almost lead a united Indian front against the whites’ western expansion.

Eckert feels that the history of these entwining lives is of particular relevance this year.

“The bicentennial is a good time to be examining these issues. In recent years people have become more cognizant of the plight of the Native Americans from the time we took the land from them up to the present.

“Many feel it is important now to offer redress for the wrongs done them.”

Recreates life. Although the drama does not claim to be historically exact in its accuracy, it recreates a slice of life from the years formative to Ohio’s birth.

The production opens June 13 and runs through Aug. 30, Monday through Saturday at 8 p.m.

For Information or reservations call 1-866-775-0700 or reserve tickets online at www.tecumsehdrama.com.


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