Warren Co. ag task force makes plans


YOUNGSVILLE, Pa. – The Future of Agriculture Task force met recently at the Ag Learning Center in Youngsville, Pa., for a conference call with Kathy Brasier, Penn State rural economics extension specialist.
Discussion. The topics of the evening were the Let’s Talk sessions, Ag Awareness Week and a calendar of upcoming events.
“I am excited that you folks want to do a follow-up to the 2005 Let’s Talk sessions,” said Brasier. “Make this less formal and keep it simple.”
Laura Agnew will put together a Power Point presentation to be used at the sessions focusing on what has been accomplished. Following the large group presentation, those in attendance will break into small groups for discussion.
Plans are to hire an agribusiness extension educator in the near future. This is an outgrowth of a need voiced by farmers during the 2005 sessions.
Sessions. Let’s Talk sessions are scheduled for February in Columbus, Pittsfield and Lander.
A farmer’s directory should be ready in March, according to Agnew. Plans are for 500 copies to be distributed to farmers and other ag related families.
George Wilcox said the four Quick Books sessions taught by Ray Haines and Associates were completed by 10 farm families.
The Marketing and Consumer Committee is contacting producers for the second edition of the Warren County Producer’s leaflet. Producers are also being asked to participate in the March Ag Awareness Week scheduled with March 17 as the kickoff.
For information about the Future of Agriculture events, contact Penn State Cooperative Extension at 814-563-9388.


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