Wish list:


A new Web site, with complete shopping cart secure capabilities, database, software and tech support, lifetime free updates, search engine compatible keyword selection with constant WebCrawler and webbot updates, and self-editing capabilities with regular service updates. Please have ready by September 2006!
Bill Bakan
Hartville, Ohio

Diesel fuel.
Don Hiles
Newton Falls, Ohio

A horse.
Rebecca Giancola
Johnston, Ohio

A self-propelled combine for our crops, a large square baler would be tops. And to have some funds to finish the addition on the holding area for milking and new dry cow pen that we poured the walls for would sure make the girls happy. A new corn planter would sure come in handy and it sure would be dandy to buy my mother-in-law’s farm that we have to rent! The list goes on and on but these are the top priorities.
Barb Lang
Big Prairie, Ohio


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