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JERSEY SHORE, Pa. — Doebler’s opens its 2009 sales season with 23 new brands of hybrid seed corn. Everything from conventional to the most advanced technologies, including YieldGard VT Triple®, Herculex® and Agrisure®.

And in 2010, Doebler’s will mark its 75th anniversary as an independent seed producer and marketer.

Doebler’s sells hybrid seed corn, soybeans, alfalfa, forage grass and clover.

“We have come a long way since 1935 and are very proud of our company for all of its achievements,” said president Bill Camerer. “We wish to thank all of our employees over the years who have given their loyalty, talent and dedication. Without them and their supportive families, Doebler’s would not have become the leader it is in the seed industry.”

The company started with local production and distribution, but since has expanded to serve over nine states in the Mideast.

Doebler’s market region is unlike any other with its diversity of climates, growing environments and cultural practices. In order to meet these challenges, Doebler’s developed and maintains what has become one of the largest and most intensive research programs consisting of replication and strip plots near our growers’ farms.

In other words, they test where their growers grow. This practice led to the motto, “Your Regional Advantage”®.

Recognizing silage producers as a large segment of our hybrid seed corn market, Doebler’s developed its Corn Silage Evaluation System and received a U.S. patent in 2005.

Doebler’s Silage Solutions™ publication has become a standard marketing tool.

As an independent seed company, Doebler’s continues to face new challenges. One of the largest is providing our growers with an array of seed products whose genetics are tried and true, seed products of the highest quality at an affordable cost with the expectation of consistently high yields.

Doebler’s has expanded its warehouse storage facilities and gained exclusive distribution of RPM brand hybrid seed corn to all areas of its market region.

“Throughout our history it has been our aim to see our growers prosper along with us,” said Camerer. “We have had bumps and hurdles along the way. But we anticipate success for the long haul. It is with this in mind that we invite you to share in our 75th anniversary celebration.”

In light of the tough economic climate, Doebler’s is doing its part to help customers weather the storm.

“We are focusing more than ever on the specific needs of our individual growers,” said Camerer.

You can contact Doebler’s at 800-853-2676 or Visit them online at

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