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business profile ROARING SPRING, Pa. — In almost 29 years, Renaissance Nutrition has become the largest nutrition and premix manufacturing business in the Northeast and continues expansion from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

The company is also growing in Canada, with additional possibilities for growth internationally.

As a company, Renaissance is committed to providing dairy and livestock producers with quality services, products, resources and information.

Consultants are key

Its highly qualified nutritional consultants are located throughout the contiguous states, working hand-in-hand with producers on farms of all sizes and with all species.

These consultants provide up-to-date nutritional input, balanced rationing, livestock health care information, farm management insights and agronomic products and services that can make a positive difference.


Founded in 1985 by Craig Brown, its president, and headquartered in Roaring Spring, Pa., the company was established on the principles of offering producers the best in products and services at reasonable prices, while using homegrown forages and feeds wherever possible.

Renaissance” means “new birth”, representing the company’s determination to return to customer-oriented service in the nutrition, premix and feed business. Renaissance will not simply “sell to sell.” Consultants work with producers to determine what products and ingredients are necessary to ensure a balanced ration that can provide the desired results.

Recent growth

During the past few years, the company has seen tremendous growth and development, adding to its staff of nutritional experts, expanding its agronomy applications and product offerings, increasing its sales and consulting staff, adding to office, manufacturing, warehousing and trucking capabilities, and moving into new geographic areas.

Staff research

Renaissance also provides regular technical features and articles for local and national publications through the research work of its own technical staff. Technical articles and numerous related articles are available on the company’s updated website:

The company manufactures and distributes a complete line of nutritional supplements for dairy, beef, swine, sheep, goats, horses and poultry.

Forage focus

Renaissance has developed expertise in forage production through its agronomy services, working extensively with several seed companies to provide research-tested hybrids and varieties that can offer improved digestibility for producers to grow.

This involves working closely with producers, its nutritional consultants and independent labs to ascertain the nutritional value of forages. Evaluation is done through extensive in vitro and in situ analysis.

A line of research-tested preservatives and inoculants is also available to help producers maintain the nutritional content of ensiled and baled forages by aiding fermentation, and reducing spoilage and mold.

Additionally, the company has recently introduced a new proprietary biological growth stimulant for forages.

Nutritional consulting is the backbone of Renaissance. Their consultants maintain personal contact with customers and prospects, visiting thousands of farms in their market area annually and bringing the most up-to-date and advanced information possible to producers.

The company offers customized programs, including farm management information and recommendations, professional nutritional consultation and ration balancing, herd profiles, body condition scoring, forage management and sampling, biosecurity insights and assistance, top quality products and a team that stands solidly behind its customer-producers.

Face to face

Renaissance does not offer online ordering, since it considers the consultant-producer relationship to be an essential part of the services they seek to provide. They feel it is important to work with producers and their livestock — seeing how (and what) they are being fed, getting a first-hand look at body conditioning and fecal matter, production information, health and reproduction statistics, forage and feed analysis for maximum digestibility and much more.

Learn more

Check out the company website at:, for more details and to locate their nearest nutritional consultant. You may also contact their office for more information at 800-346-3649.


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