Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Wright State University-Lake Campus Agriculture program allows students to gain an agriculture degree through hands-on, web-based, one-on-one instruction.

Trade schools allow students to dive right into their majors, get hands-on learning and enter the workforce sooner.

Central State University is an 1890 Land Grant Institution offering Research, Extension, and Teaching in Agriculture.

College students share tips and advice for making the most out of their college experiences.

The Ohio Department of Insurance created an insurance checklist to help college students and parents ensure appropriate financial protections are in place.

Chris Hogan changed majors four times. Now, the Ohio State grad is focusing his law degree from West Virginia University in the area of ag law.

Emily Gwin discovered that, even at a large university like Penn State, within the College of Agriculture, you could find your own niche and make a smaller, hands-on experience.