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Jaclyn Krymowski (OSU '18), of Medina County, shares some tips on getting the most out of college.

Purdue University turfgrass management alum Erik Harlow's quick work on torn turf in the Big 10 football championship sparked a trending hashtag: #turfguy.

It's here: The Farm and Dairy second annual Ag College Guide.The guide is designed to help high school students and their parents find colleges and...

Exploring what makes a good ag college fit is relatively straightforward, but requires research, planning, and open communication between students, parents and the college.

Southwestern Michigan College has partnered with Michigan State University to offer Agricultural Technology. It also has an Environmental Sciences program.

Although college can be the next chapter in a student’s education, many teenagers choose to attend trade school.

Recent college graduates may be entering the job market with degrees in tow, but many also are leaving school with sizable amounts of student loan debt.

Stephanie Thompson graduated from West Virginia University with a Bachelors in Human Nutrition and Foods and Masters in Nutritional Food Science.

The University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment prides itself on providing a real-world, hands-on education.

Jill Byers, Ohio State ATI admission counselor, shares five things students should focus on when applying to colleges and universities.