Advice from students who’ve been there


“The first few weeks are great. You’re meeting people, partying … no tests, no papers. Then …WHAM! Everything’s due in the same week! If you weren’t hitting the books right along, you’ll spend the rest of the term digging yourself out!”

— Senior, University of California, Santa Cruz

“Gather all the syllabi during the first week of classes and write down the due date for every single paper, project, test or whatever. You’ll see instantly which weeks are potential killers.”

— Junior, Wake Forest

“Sitting in a classroom is the easiest part of college and it cuts study time in half. Why make it hard on yourself? GO!”

— Senior, University of Iowa

“What separated me from the masses was ‘connecting’ with a faculty member. I didn’t even know what the possibilities were until he laid out a ‘road map’ and showed me a few shortcuts to get there. When my confidence was shaky, he reminded me that I could do it.”

— Graduate, University of Michigan

“Pick the professor, not the time of day.”

— Junior, Duke University

“Get a job in the office of your major. You’ll get to know everyone from the secretaries to the dean, all of whom can be very helpful. If any great opportunities come along, you’ll be the first to know.”

— Senior, Indiana University

“There’s no reason to fail! There are people here to help and it’s free. Actually, you’ve paid for it so you might as well use it.”

— Senior, Michigan State University

Source: “Been There, Should’ve Done That — 995+ Tips for Making the Most of College” (Front Porch Press)


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