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Measuring rumination time in dairy cows can help you better assess their overall health. Learn what trends to look for to monitor your herd's health.

Check out the Farm and Dairy staff selections for the top 10 stories to impact its readership in 2017.

Pennsylvania's Animal Diagnostic Laboratory System has been recognized with a national quality credential.

Cull cow value is determined by supply and demand, carcass quality, and percentage of lean meat yield per carcass.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture confirmed the first positive cases of West Nile Virus, Sept. 13, in Ohio horses for 2017.

WVU Extension Service is working to address the veterinarian access problem across the Mountain State.

Tagging livestock is an important part of animal identification but must be done properly to keep the animal from losing its tag or getting an infection.

A horse from Ashtabula County was recently confirmed to have eastern equine encephalitis.

Learn more about alternative methods to combat fleas in your house and on your pets.

Inside livestock facilities, the dust particles can cause pulmonary problems for anyone who breathes the air, including the animals.