Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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Alan Guebert weighs in on the future of the cattle industry.

A group of farmers in northwestern Pennsylvania have put competition and ego aside to join forces to market their beef together.

A new "brand partnership" aims to keep West Virginia beef in West Virginia and make it accessible and affordable for consumers.

One reader shares his thoughts on beef labeling, stressing that the product-of-USA label should be reserved for cattle raised in the United States.

At Brockett Family Farm, Danielle Morgan raises beefalo and heritage turkeys, which look a lot like the turkeys her ancestors raised on the same farm.

Learn more about raising grass-finished beef and what contributes to the overall quality of the meat.

There are things beef farmers are already doing well and areas where they need to do better. Miranda Reiman shares her thoughts in her recent column.

With more time at home, consumers can confidently reach for beef as a reliable staple to nourish themselves and their families.

There's more premium beef on the market than ever before. Could we be approaching our destination, maybe even delivering too much of a good thing?

The cattle of tomorrow are being bred with more and more precision, and the rate of improvement can increase.