Monday, February 26, 2024
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The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is offering $500,000 in boating safety education grant funding to eligible organizations across Ohio.

Julie Geiss chose a day on Lake Milton for Mother's Day, and was reminded of all the requirements to ensure safety while boating.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is warning everyone about the hidden dangers that can occur during a day on the lake, stream or river.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources will offer $3 million in grant funding to improve motorized boat access at public facilities across the state.

So you're going to need a loan, Mike Tontimonia can help you with the basics of financing your new boat.

It’s all about price and being ready for spring, rather than waiting until spring to buy. Use these tips to purchase a boat during the winter.

Summer storms aren't the only thing we ought to be warned about. Here are some other midsummer warnings.

Kymberly Foster Seabolt is certain she will be reliving the parable of the Battle of the Buoys for years to come.

The Boating Infrastructure Grant program has $24.7 million in funds available to local governments, port agencies, private marinas and boat clubs.

This fall, customers of Tappan Lake Marina will begin to see the first steps of a complete renovation of the MWCD-owned and operated facility.