Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Kymberly Foster Seabolt digs into some of the logistics issues of shopping small and offers small business owners some advice for success.

The first year of the pandemic brought new customers to the local food systems. With them came hope and an influx of income for small farmers. But it didn't last.

Alan Guebert details why Rural America needs more locally-owned grocery stores selling more locally-grown food to more local friends and neighbors.

Judith Sutherland shares her thoughts on the memories and relationships we can build by doing business close to home.

Alan Guebert ponders the problems in the current agricultural landscape and considers the idea of buying local as a potential solution.

Mary Anne Kettering, of MaryAnne's Meats, and the Bruntys, of The Farmer's Rail, have both found success selling local, fresh food at their stores.

Judith Sutherland shares some of her experience buying and eating local.

Support hometown businesses this holiday season. Try these local gift ideas, learn where to find locally made gifts and learn how to buy local online.