Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Spring milking is a dream within a dream for Eliza Blue, and an orphaned calf named Little Jones, too.

Colostrum is an important source of antibodies, nutrients and energy for thermogenesis of newborn calves. And it's even more important in colder weather.

Consider the quality of available feed during your calving season. Aligning breeding season with times when better feed is available could save you money.

Feeding and housing practices of preweaned calves can have long-term implications. Maurice Eastridge explains in this week's Dairy Excel.

Dairy cows that received a short course of anti-inflammatory medication after calving had lower metabolic stress and produced more milk than untreated cows.

Diagnosing pneumonia and other respiratory diseases quicker is vital to the success of your operation. Learn how to improve your winter calf management.

Learn more about the increased risk of calf scours associated with early calving in wet conditions and learn how to prevent it.

Plan ahead for the winter season to keep your cows in an adequate Body Condition Score (BCS) range prior to calving.

Proper colostrum management improves calf health and eventually cow productivity. Learn how to use a colostrometer and a Brix meter to determine quality.

One measure of profitability is net income per cow, with competitive farms above $1,300 per cow. Learn how to improve reproductive efficiency on your farm.