Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Tami Gingrich offers insight into the lives, sounds and environmental benefits of cicadas.

Cicadas are among those insects that are safe to eat. However, if you have any shellfish allergies, you should avoid eating cicadas.

As we patiently await the delayed emergence of the 17-year periodical cicadas known as Brood X, Barb Mudrak fills us in on what to expect.

Brood X cicadas are set to emerge in parts of western and central Ohio in late April through mid-May after 17 years underground.

This May and June, billions of 17-year periodical cicadas will emerge from the ground. The emerging cicadas this spring are part of Brood X.

Periodical cicada Brood VIII will emerge, in mid-May or June, in western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and the northern panhandle of West Virginia.

Dr. Scott Shalaway recently attended the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History's annual Bug Fair. He also spotted a bear on his property and has made note of the return of cicada brood V.

By the end of the month, cicadas will be impossible to miss in parts of Ohio, West Virginia, southwestern Pennsylvania and western Virginia.

Cicadas emerging after 17-year sleep from parts of Pa., W.Va. and Ohio.

Brood V cicadas will emerge in parts of Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland in 2016.