Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Composting is the easiest way to do your part to help save your world. Try these basics to start composting on your own.

If you haven't considered composting manure in the past this process may be easier than you think and could benefit your farm in more ways than one.

Pound for pound, the leaves of most trees contain twice as many minerals as manure. Learn to build a compost pile with the ones you rake up this fall.

Compost enriches the soil by helping it retain moisture and also reduces the need for chemical fertilizers while also suppressing plant diseases and pests.

Bull Country Compost started out as a concrete slab in the early '90s and has become a successful 3 acre composting operation in Tuscarawas County, Ohio.

Coffee grounds offer several benefits for your garden’s soil and are also useful for compost and mulch.

Farmers with an abundance of manure, animal bedding and plant material to dispose of can use trench composting to create a high-volume of rich organic matter for fields and gardens.

Vermicomposting is an effective way to manage food waste over winter, plus it creates plenty of dark, rich compost to start seeds in spring.

How do you compost? Here’s some information about building your own compost bin.

NEWARK, Ohio -- The Seneca, Crawford and Wyandot Soil and Water Conservation Districts, Natural Resources Conservation Service and OSU Extension will hold a livestock mortality composting workshop Jan. 18 from 7-9 p.m. at Wyandot County Recycling Center, 11385 County Highway 4, Carey, Ohio.
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