Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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A dairy accounting firm reported for 2010 that energy expenses (utilities and fuel and oil combined) cost an average of $138 per cow per year. The category of energy expenses was reported as the eighth largest production cost on dairies and was one of the fastest increasing.

ELSIE, Mich. -- The 10th annual Great Lakes Regional Dairy Conference will take place Feb. 9-11 at the Soaring Eagle Resort, Casino and Conference Center in Mount Pleasant.

As the howling winds of winter approach, it is a good time for farmers to grab a cup of coffee and start to gather their income and expenses records to determine their cost of production and profitability from 2011.

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Pennsylvania dairy producers who want to tap into the knowledge of a personal team of dairy industry experts can enroll in the 2012 On-Farm Dairy Resource Team Program.

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- At the University of Kentucky Dairy Farm, milk cows are singing anything but the blues. The staff, students and faculty there have been putting a lot of effort into making them more comfortable with bigger stalls, rotating grooming brushes and, yes, even waterbeds.

We sometimes attempt to deny reality as a coping mechanism for an issue we simply don't want to deal with if accepting the reality is too painful. This behavior sometimes exists relative to the economics of dairy farming.

The notebook we kept in the dairy barn was a way of communicating with one another from one milking to the next, but it makes me laugh out loud to read some of the zany things we shared.

MECHANICSTOWN, Ohio -- A pasture walk is planned for Oct. 20 at Anthony Steffen's dairy farm, 4305 Meter Road, Mechanicstown, OH 44651 at 6 p.m. Anthony Steffen owns and operates this seasonal grass-based dairy farm.

MADISON, Wis. -- Wisconsin's larger dairy operations tended to fare better than the state's small farms in a University of Wisconsin-Madison study of milk quality, although all of the state's farms -- both large and small -- produced milk that easily met federal food safety guidelines.

WASHINGTON -- The National Association of State Departments of Agriculture has released updated results from a survey that gathered information about the regulation and sale of raw milk in the U.S.