Friday, December 3, 2021
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Although most people consider dandelions weeds, the plant has been used as food and medicine for hundreds of years.

Skip the egg coloring kits from the store this year and make your own natural dyes for Easter eggs.

The holiday season is full of celebrations, decorations and shopping for gifts. Unfortunately it is also full of colds, sluggish digestion and dry skin.

Homemade spice blends make great gifts, and they inspire home cooks to try new recipes.

To make these DIY bath and beauty products, you need a few natural ingredients and little time.

Seed starting containers and homemade potting medium can be made with just a few supplies.

Put leftover canning jars to use with these simple and fun crafts.

Many cleaning companies have begun to offer natural versions of commercial cleansers as consumers gain eco-consciousness, but these cleaners can easily be made at home.

Kids get a kick out of making angels from corn husks, but also enjoy filling glass ornaments with seeds. Even the teenagers in the family tolerate spray painting components for the baskets.

Cold weather can be rough on our feathered friends. Providing birds with food and shelter throughout the winter helps keep them happy and healthy, and lights up my otherwise dismal looking yard with color and song.