Monday, May 16, 2022
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The members of the Ohio Envirothon Committee are on a crusade to locate past high school students who have competed in an Ohio Envirothon competition.

Alan Guebert weighs in on the allegations against AltEn, an ethanol maker near Mead, Nebraska, and the alleged environmental mess of its biofuels plant.

This year, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's assessment of the State of the Bay remained at a D+, but declined by one point from 2018.

Surfers are making wool surfboards. Why stop there? Plastic revolutionized society, but renewable, natural materials could lead the next wave.

The average American takes home almost 1,500 plastic bags every year. You can make a difference by switching to reusable bags to do your grocery shopping.

The activist group behind the Lake Erie Bill of Rights is after more than just cleaner water. Editor Susan Crowell urges you to pay attention to what's going on in Toledo that could target personal property rights.

Implement a more environmentally conscientious lawn care regimen and become a better steward of your land. Use these simple tips to get started.

Who are the biggest water users and where could we cut back? Alan Guebert investigates these questions in this week's column.

Learn how to help promote ways to reduce the amount of pollution from vehicles and road maintenance activities during the winter months.

It’s a shame that we are so used to seeing trash every day and everywhere that we simply shake our collective heads and go about our business.