Monday, December 4, 2023
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Ohio State Extension educator David Marrison shares the last to phases of a process called appreciative inquiry, which can be used in succession planning.

OSU Extension educator David Marrison offers some different approaches to simplify the process of farm succession.

Learn how to overcome family dysfunctionality and how to improve family communication as your farm plans for the future.

Farmers and their loved ones should complete a succession and estate plan to ensure a smooth transition once they are gone. Learn how to get started.

Alan Guebert explains why neither today’s tax laws nor the proposed American Family Plan creates a “death tax” crisis in any state or the U.S.

Farm transitions are one way that new farmers get into agriculture. But with family, money and changes in who is taking on leadership roles involved, transitions aren't easy.

Talking about the future of any business is important, especially so for family farms. Learn how to address the "elephants in the barn" and get started.

Whether you are a parent, mentor, educator, employer, admissions counselor or advisor, it is your responsibility to believe in and advocate for youth.

Farm families need to develop a long term plan for their farm. Dairy Excel author David Marrison offers some tips to get started.

Prepare to pass on your family farm. Take a 365-day pledge to share information with the next generation.