Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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Spring brings on a need to see green, but being too hasty can hurt you more than help you. Check out these tips for fertilizing your lawn in the spring.

The proposed waste lagoon in Wayne County has drawn a lot of questions and concern over the handling of biosolids.

When collected and spread on the garden, ashes produced by wood-burning fireplaces or stoves are an excellent source of calcium and other plant nutrients.

Ohioans who apply fertilizer to more than 50 acres are now required to be state-certified, but there's still time before spring to get your training.

Those who apply fertilizer on 50 or more acres now have the option to take an exam or attend a three-hour course to get the required certification.

Ohio farmers who still need to get fertilizer certification before the Sept. 30 deadline will have more than 20 opportunities to attend training sessions.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture announced new tools to help farmers manage nutrients, including a partnership with the National Weather Service.

If hay is harvested year after year and not fertilized, production will decrease substantially.

Using a sprayer that is not calibrated correctly can be waste of chemicals and money. Follow these tips to getting your sprayer ready for the spring season.

Seed placement and the right amount of fertilizer needed to maximize yields while saving money will be the focus of the daylong Planter University workshop.