Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Tami Gingrich shares her love of hickory nuts with readers, offering tips on collecting and eating them.

Tami Gingrich shares the wonderful benefits staghorn sumac offers to both humans and wildlife.

The presence of a second species of ramp, Allium burdickii — commonly known as narrow-leaved wild leek — has been documented in southwest Pennsylvania.

Morels are the most well-known goal of spring foraging, but ramps and fiddlehead ferns offer a wonderful and sometimes new foraging opportunity.

Learn how to tell the difference between morel mushrooms and several types of mushrooms with wrinkled caps that may appear in the woods during the spring.

Beware of the dangers of foraging from or near contaminated locations and learn how to look for signs of pollution before foraging.

Can you distinguish pine trees from spruce, fir, hemlock, yew and cypress trees? Each type of conifer has its own unique traits. Learn to identify them all.

Learn how to brew pine needle tea — a clear tea with a mild flavor that tastes refreshing and earthy — and benefit from its medicinal properties.

Early spring enthusiasm for ramps — also known as wild leeks — may be causing lower crop yields and threatening communities of the forest herb.

Witch hazel is an astringent plant used for reducing inflammation, soothing skin and tightening and toning tissue. Learn how to forage for it in the fall.