Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Continuous years of large crops and demand uncertainty makes grain storage attractive for Kentucky producers this fall.

Here are six recommendations to help farmers avoid income loss due to out-of-condition grain.

K&S Millwrights purchased Hamilton Agri-Sales, Johnstown, Ohio. They specialize in commercial and on-farm grain drying and storage facilities.

Now is the time to review management practices to prevent possible botulism and listeriosis health risks associated with poor quality small grain baleage.

FSA's Farm Storage Facility Loan program provides low-interest financing to producers to build or upgrade storage facilities.

Marketing Assistance Loans provide short-term financing at harvest time to help grain farmers meet cash flow needs without having to sell the grain right away.

When it comes to deciding whether to store or sell grain at harvest, it all depends on the individual farmer and his or her operation.